Do you ever feel overwhelmed when you’re assigned to write an essay? Do you struggle to manage your time effectively? Do you want to get better at sitting exams?

Our colleagues in the Academic Skills Team are hosting a series of Study Skills webinars that address these common challenges and more.

These webinars are designed to support you when learning remotely and will begin on the 16th of October, running through to 8th of December. They include:

  • Referencing and good academic practice (16th October)
  • Scheduling your study and managing your time (19th October)
  • Study independently: what to do beyond attending your (online) lectures (29th October)
  • Develop your critical evaluation writing skills (10th November)
  • Referencing and good academic practice (19th November)
  • Reflective writing: how to approach this unique assignment format (26th November)
  • Drawing to revise: mind maps, concept mapping and visualisation (30th November)
  • Effective revision strategies (8th December)

For more information and to sign up, visit the Academic Skills page on the Student Hub.

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