We’ve upgraded one of our key academic and trade journal databases for business: Business Source Complete is now Business Source Ultimate. Many of you will have found great articles in this huge database before, and now it’s even bigger and better!

Business Source Ultimate provides us with access to journal articles, case studies, company profiles, industry reports and other market research, SWOT analyses of businesses, working papers and interviews with executives and analysts. Key subjects include: business and management, accounting and finance, HR management, marketing and economics. There’s even some extra articles in engineering, health, social studies, and business law.

Business Source Ultimate logo: light blue square with line drawing of a briefcase, next to a dark blue square with Business Source Ultimate written in italics

Upgrades from Business Source Complete include:

  • More full text articles: Business Source Ultimate contains over 500 more peer reviewed journals, and almost a thousand more other periodicals.
  • Better international coverage: for example, there’s 125 more journals from South Asia and South East Asia than in Business Source Complete.
  • More market research, country information and industry reports than ever before.
  • Improved access to the Harvard Business Review with a smoother user experience.
  • Added Company Information feature: search by name or filter by size, industry, revenue or more to identify companies and find financials.

Log into Business Source Ultimate using your City username and password to try it out. If you have any questions or feedback about Business Source Ultimate, get in touch via businesslibrary@city.ac.uk.

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