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Calling all freshers

Have you collected your official tie? Fancy being a cox? Ready to share with the world your moderate singing voice usually confined to the shower? Well you’re in luck because Welcome Week can meet all your needs. At least it did fifty years ago. The images featured here are taken from September and October 1967…Continue Reading Calling all freshers

Building the Vision

From our Archives City has been in the news recently for building plans. The handsome design for the new Sebastian Street Building took centre stage at the prestigious Summer Exhibition 2017 at the Royal Academy on Piccadilly. Yet City’s history of gorgeous architecture has a rich heritage and her buildings have added lustre to London…Continue Reading Building the Vision

International Cat Day 2017

There’s only one thing librarians love more than books* and that’s cats. To celebrate International Cat Day 2017 we thought we’d share photos of our special little furry friends. There’s been some new additions to our brood since last year and sadly we’ve had to say goodbye to some of our companions, but we’d like to…Continue Reading International Cat Day 2017

Photo of Abu Simbel temple

One of the many unique pieces the City archive holds is a photographic print of the Abu Simbel temple in Egypt. Taken by A Barton Kent, it was donated to the Northampton Institute Camera club. The photo shows an image of the Abu Simbel Great Temple. The Great Temple was dedicated in 1244 BCE by…Continue Reading Photo of Abu Simbel temple

Dramatic discovery of medieval manuscript

Last year two members of library staff discovered an unknown manuscript in the City Library Special Collections. The two members of staff, Rob Hodgson and Simon Bralee, unearthed the manuscript whilst auditing the collections. The text The manuscript contains two texts – the Algorismus (or De Arte Numerandi) and the De Anni Ratione – written…Continue Reading Dramatic discovery of medieval manuscript

Ms Setsuko Thurlow visits City

Last Week City was privileged to host Ms Setsuko Thurlow who discussed her experiences in Hiroshima in 1945. Ms Setsuko Thurlow was in the UK to receive the Ahmadiyya Muslim Prize for the Advancement of Peace on Saturday. A Canadian citizen, she has previously received the Order of Canada Medal, the highest honour for Canadian…Continue Reading Ms Setsuko Thurlow visits City

Celebrating LGTBQ+ History at CityLibrary

This month we have been celebrating UK LGTBQ+ History Month. This year is extra special as it celebrates the 50 year anniversary of the Sexual Offences Bill 1967. This bill saw the legalisation of homosexual acts between consenting males over 21 in England and Wales. Did you know that Islington has seen many key events in…Continue Reading Celebrating LGTBQ+ History at CityLibrary

“Am now in the trenches for the first time, and it is d— cold.”

City, University of London was founded as The Northampton Institute, and over the years its staff, students and Alumni have sadly, like most people, been unable to escape the ravages of war. Whilst academics provided training for members of the armed forces during World War II, local people sheltered in the basement as bombs fell….Continue Reading “Am now in the trenches for the first time, and it is d— cold.”

Researching the US Election 2016

The US Presidential election takes place in 13 days time. We’ve brought together a range of City Library resources and other useful websites that will help you research the election and the policies and personalities involved. Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask…. US Election Glossary – BBC News What is the…Continue Reading Researching the US Election 2016

Discover Roald Dahl at City Library

City Library doesn’t just do books. We also subscribe to tons of great online resources including access to exclusive streamable TV shows and films with Box of Broadcasts (BOB). This week sees the release of a “live-action” adaptation of Roald Dahl’s classic children’s book The BFG, starring Mark Rylance. Several of Roald Dahl’s children’s books have been turned into…Continue Reading Discover Roald Dahl at City Library