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Books of the Irish

Ireland is known as the land of saints and scholars. This is partly because of its preeminence in monastic scholarship during the early medieval period, but is there more to Ireland than this? The answer is, of course, yes. Ireland is famous around the world for the massive contribution its writers have made to literature. This…Continue Reading Books of the Irish

Celebrating International Women’s Day at City Library

Today is International Women’s Day. On this day every year we celebrate the extraordinary achievements of women from around the world. City University is proud of its female staff. Whether they have achieved great successes outside of the workplace or led impactful research on a range of issues that affects people from around the world,…Continue Reading Celebrating International Women’s Day at City Library

Book Review: Oscar and Lucinda

A world classic from Australia Oscar and Lucinda is a great little book. It follows the adventures of the two eponymous characters both in Australia and Europe. Oscar Hopkins and Lucinda Leplastrier are Southern star crossed lovers [geddit?] and gamblers from different sides of the world. Their will they/won’t they relationship is just one of the many elements in this novel,…Continue Reading Book Review: Oscar and Lucinda