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Library Staff Love #9: GSLC

Here’s a thing. We try not to use abbreviations unnecessarily because unless you know what they stand for it can be really unhelpful. But, OMG can they be fun too, especially if you’ve got a GSOH (IMHO). They’re also ubiquitous in our everyday lives. Do you live on a ‘Ave’? When was the last time…Continue Reading Library Staff Love #9: GSLC

Library Staff Love #8: Print Journal Collection

What’s the difference between our lovely Library and your local newsagent? At CityLibrary you can stand (or sit) and flick through all of our magazines for free for as long as you like! (Well, at least until closing time anyway) Okay, I know I’m using the term ‘magazines’ a little loosely: whilst some of our titles do…Continue Reading Library Staff Love #8: Print Journal Collection

New Resource – The Economist Historical Archive 1843-2012

Library Services now provides full access to The Economist Historical Archive (1843-2012). To find out more, simply move your mouse over the image below.  If you need any help in using this resource you can contact your friendly Subject Librarian….Continue Reading New Resource – The Economist Historical Archive 1843-2012

City Library commemorates the Battle of the Somme

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the first day of the Battle of the Somme. On this day, over 100 years ago, around 20,000 British soldiers died. By the end of the battle in November 1916 there had been over one million casualties on both sides for little military gain. Sadly this high number is not…Continue Reading City Library commemorates the Battle of the Somme

Library Staff Love #7: Bloomberg

No, not former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. I mean, it’s not that we don’t like him, he’s probably lovely: we’re just not acquainted. No, we’re talking about Bloomberg: the business and financial resource. Which is exciting, as to use it you need to access special machines with all kinds of buttons and two screens…Continue Reading Library Staff Love #7: Bloomberg

Colour Me Calm…

Adult colouring books have been some of the bestsellers in recent years… Is it anything to do with growing levels of exam stress?? At City University Library we wanted to join in the craze, and so have created our own colouring pages for you to escape into… As Nick Scott points out in Director magazine,…Continue Reading Colour Me Calm…

Henry Stewart Talks

Are you looking for some extra material to help you revise? We have access to a great database of case studies and Business and Management videos called Henry Stewart Talks. If you like to learn using audio-visual materials, this resource will be useful to you. There are over 900 specially prepared audio-visual lectures and case…Continue Reading Henry Stewart Talks

Library Staff Love #6: BoB

When you think of Bob, do you think of: Or: Maybe even: ??? Well, it’s time to think again people. Because when we talk about Bob, we’re really talking about BoB: Box of Broadcasts (or BoB) is a fantastic archive of material recorded off-air allowing you to watch programmes, schedule to record shows and compile playlists…Continue Reading Library Staff Love #6: BoB

Happy World Book and Copyright Day

Tomorrow is World Book and Copyright Day. The 23rd April marks the date in 1616 on which Shakespeare and Cervantes, two giants of world literature, both passed. The day, launched by UNESCO in 1995, aims to encourage everyone to discover the pleasure of reading and to “gain a renewed respect for the irreplaceable contributions of those,…Continue Reading Happy World Book and Copyright Day

New books selected by you

Our More Books scheme is your chance to tell us what’s missing from the Library collections. It might be a classic text or a brand new release that will help with your dissertation. All you have to do is complete our online form and if the book costs less than £80 we’ll buy it straight away. What’s…Continue Reading New books selected by you