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Radiographers: the professionals behind the medical images and the treatment

World Radiography Day is celebrated on the 8th November which marks the discovery of x-rays on 8th November 1895 by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen (Society and College of Radiographers, 2017) who later won the very first Nobel prize in 1901 (, … Continue reading

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Black History Month

This month we have been celebrating Black History Month and all the powerful and truthful books written by, and about, people of colour. London has a rich, deep and proud black history which likely dates back to the Roman period, … Continue reading

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Calling all freshers

Have you collected your official tie? Fancy being a cox? Ready to share with the world your moderate singing voice usually confined to the shower? Well you’re in luck because Welcome Week can meet all your needs. At least it … Continue reading

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International Cat Day 2017

There’s only one thing librarians love more than books* and that’s cats. To celebrate International Cat Day 2017 we thought we’d share photos of our special little furry friends. There’s been some new additions to our brood since last year and … Continue reading

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Photo of Abu Simbel temple

One of the many unique pieces the City archive holds is a photographic print of the Abu Simbel temple in Egypt. Taken by A Barton Kent, it was donated to the Northampton Institute Camera club. The photo shows an image … Continue reading

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