Global Entrepreneurship Week which takes place on the second week of November is a global campaign aimed at empowering and encouraging new entrepreneurs all over the world, especially those who face barriers and young people who have not considered setting up a business before. It grew from activities of Kauffman Foundation in the US and Enterprise Week in the UK, which aimed to connect young people, women and people from ethnic minority backgrounds to entrepreneurial opportunities. Currently the event is celebrated in over 160 countries all over the world.

To join the celebration, we have put together a book display on Level 5 at Northampton Square Library. You’ll find there a selection of “how-to” books, as well as experience stories and biographies of entrepreneurs and stories about how some of the companies we know today started from scratch. Or, if that’s not your cup of tea, have a look at the stories of some of the companies that are shaping our world and read about how the developments in business have impacted social processes, and see what we can learn from that. If you are not going to come to the Library this month, have a look at the selection of e-books below instead:

Keep an eye out for upcoming events on the Global Entrepreneurship Week’s website (many are virtual, so you can attend ones that are being organised on the other side of the world), or at City: for example, have a look at “How to be more confident and assertive at work“, a workshop on the 17th of November aimed to encourage women to progress in their careers, or the webinar “Emerging markets in a globalising world” on the 24th of November.

If you start to feel ready for the next step in your entrepreneurship journey, have a look at the support CityVentures can provide you, or check out the Careers and employability section on StudentHub to see the advice, mentorship, as well as employment opportunities available to you via City. If you are looking to meet like-minded people, you may also like to explore Student Union’s societies, like the Networking Society or Entrepreneurship Society.

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