The Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) is an independent, non-profit organisation, that was founded in 1983 “to enhance the quality of economic policy-making within Europe and beyond, by fostering high quality, policy-relevant economic research, and disseminating it widely to decision-makers in the public and private sectors.”

The CEPR’s network of Research Fellows and Affiliates includes more than 1,300 economists doing research on issues affecting the European economy.  The results of their research are disseminated via the CEPR Discussion Papers series.

The Centre produces more than 800 Discussion Papers each year.  These papers can be browsed either by year or by programme areas, which include: Labour Economics; Public Economics; Financial Economics; Development Economics; Monetary Economics and Macroeconomics.

Our suscription gives you full-text access to the latest CEPR Discussion Papers.  You will also be able to browse the CEPR’s archive of over 12,000 Discussion Papers from 1984 to present and download the documents in PDF format.

Screenshot of CEPR Discussion Papers

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