Compendex Engineering Village new features

Engineering Village has introduced a host of new features and functions.

Some that you might find useful include the ‘Getting Started’ Program, numeric searching and filter and improved record sharing once you have found your results.

The ‘Getting Started’ program is an excellent way to learn how to use Engineering Village and once you have completed the course you can close it down so that you don’t see it each time you start up.

The numeric searching and filter is a great new enhancement to the database. The filters are context specific so if you are searching for information about bridges, for instance you can filter your results according a size range, age range or load capacity. The search includes automatic conversions, so will retrieve temperatures that are shown in documents in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, for instance.

Have you seen the new ‘share’ button at the top of your abstract?  This enables you to share your results via a blog or website or email directly to someone.