Reading lists

Reading Lists Online offers students quick and easy access to books, e-books, journal articles and websites recommended for the modules they have registered for. Lists are often divided into sections/topics to guide students, with notes added to highlight importance or relevance.

If an item on a list has a button labelled ‘Read Online’ next to it, then this e-book, journal article, or Digital Course Reading can be accessed instantly: otherwise it will be a print book available from one of the libraries.

Digital Course Readings

Using Reading Lists Online, Library Services is able to make scanned extracts and articles available to students from selected books and journals that may be in high demand, or not available in a digital format.

City holds a special licence from the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) which allows this to happen, as this wouldn’t normally be permitted by copyright law.

10% or one chapter of a book, or a single journal article can be made available in this way, and these limits also apply when copying from texts for personal use (there are posters by photocopiers to explain this).

These scans, known as ‘Digital Course Readings’, are requested by lecturers working with our Subject Librarian team, and students can read these extracts online, print and/or download them for future reference.

Library Services improves the accessibility of these readings too: text is readable by assistive technologies, we have proofread them for accurate text recognition, reading order and they contain headings where possible.

Further guidance for lecturers on Digital Course Readings can be found on the Library Services website.

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