Copyright Licensing Agency Data Collection Exercise

16th September – 25th October

Between 16th September and 25th October the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) will be conducting a royalties data collection exercise.  The CLA will set up collection points at selected MFDs in departments across the University.

The CLA use this data, along with data collected at the same time from other institutions, to calculate and distribute royalty payments to authors, publishers, and visual artists.

What you need to do

All staff carrying out photocopying related to educational activities are required to participate in the exercise:  this does not apply to students.

During the collection period, whenever you copy from a published source:

  1. Copy the identifying page* of the publication
  2. Complete a CLA data label, which will be located on or near the collection box
  3. Stick the label on the identifying page
  4. Place the copy of the identifying page with the CLA data label attached into the yellow collection box.

*The identifying page contains the ISBN or ISSN.  For books and journals, this is usually the back cover.  If you cannot find the ISBN or ISSN then make a copy of the front cover including the title, and, for books, the author/editor and edition details visible.

If you are copying or printing multiple copies of an online journal article for distribution to students then make a copy of the first page of the article, attach the label, and submit it in the collection box.

What needs to be recorded

  • Books, magazines, journals, periodicals, etc. including extracts or line quotes
  • Copies of previous copies, including material previously used for education
  • Crown Copyright material, unless clearly published under the Open Government Licence
  • Open resources and material from hybrid publications (where a mix of copyright and open access content is included, particularly in journals or other collections of work)
  • Photocopied published material provided to short course students should be included
  • Printouts (made by staff) from scanned material made available to students via Reading Lists Online

Printed course packs

All packs distributed between 1 March 2019 and 25 October 2019 must be submitted. One copy of the course pack should be submitted.  Attach a label indicating how many students received the pack and post it into one of the collection points. If available in a digital file, email the pack to, indicating how many students took the module, and Library Services will submit them to the CLA.

Amount of copying permitted

Our CLA License allows for no more than 10% or one chapter from a book or 10% or one article from a journal issue to be photocopied for any one module (whichever is greater) – see our Copyright Guide for further guidance. This applies to all copying, including course packs.


If you have published anything, you may be due payments for use of your work. You may wish to consider joining the Authors’ Licensing & Collecting Society (ALCS), which distributes payments to authors and creators.

Further information

Contact the Copyright and Digitisation team: with any queries.



2 thoughts on “Copyright Licensing Agency Data Collection Exercise

  1. Hello, I’m based in Myddelton Street and I just wanted to ask if we will be supplied with the yellow boxes for the copyright copies or if we should make up some boxes ourselves ? Many thanks, Bridget Dwyer.

  2. Hi Bridget, all the boxes will be supplied and installed by the CLA, you won’t need to do anything. It is worth noting that not every machine will have a yellow box. I’ll get our copyright librarian to send you more details, Rachel

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