Digimap is an online map and data delivery service that allows users to view and create up-to-date maps of any location in Great Britain using Ordnance Survey data.

City students and staff can use Digimap to view, annotate, download and print maps.

To access Digimap, select the ‘Log On’ button on the Digimap homepage.

Screenshot of an ordnance survey map on Digimap.

The first time you use Digimap you will need to register and select the Digimap collection that interests you.

We currently have access to the Ordnance Survey, Geological and Marine map collections:

  • Ordnance Survey

The OS collection offers UK maps at various scales available to download. Use the ‘Roam’ option to view, annotate and print maps online, or choose ‘Data Download’ to manipulate the data with relevant GIS or CAD software.

  • Geology Digimap

A wide range of geological map data from the British Geological Survey (BGS). The geology data is useful in a number of disciplines including civil engineering.

  • Marine Digimap

The marine collection offers two types of data: nautical charts, derived from the UK Hydrographic Office, and marine themes vector data, which covers all UK waters.

For help with using Digimap, book an appointment with your subject librarian.

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