The Engineering Sciences Data Unit (ESDU) has over 80 years’ experience in providing authoritative, reliable engineering design data and methods to engineers and designers. ESDU covers a wide range of engineering disciplines, including aerospace, mechanical, structural and process engineering: and it’s available via CityLibrary.

Our subscription includes access to over 1,000 design guides that have been validated by global industry, academic and government experts.

For access, visit the ESDU subscriber page (you need to accept the academic terms and conditions of use every time you access the database).

A screenshot of the EDSU homepage showing the expanded Contents tab showing the menu of series, packages, and data.

We subscribe to many ESDU design series, from Aerodynamics through to Wind Engineering. Select the ‘Contents’ tab to see what is included in our subscription.

For help with using ESDU, book an appointment with your Subject Librarian.

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