Two simple tools available to all students at City can help with reading, writing and organisation.

Reading and Writing

Read&Write is a literacy toolbar available via AppsAnywhere on campus. Containing a whole suite of handy tools to use while you are studying, highlights include:

  1. Word prediction: for writing.
  2. Text-to-speech: reads aloud on-screen text, helping to reinforce understanding, increase focus and improve retention
  3. Audio maker: for making text into MP3 audio files for listening on the go
  4. Screen masking: provides screen tinting and reading rulers to make reading more comfortable and improve focus.
The Read and Write toolbar highlighting the tools mentioned in the list above.
The Read&Write toolbar.

Organising information

MindGenius is available via AppsAnywhere on campus. If you have a Windows (10 or above) device at home, you can also access the application remotely.

MindGenius is a mindmapping tool which you can use to:

  • Capture your thoughts and ideas in a visual way
  • Plan and structure essays and other written work
  • Break down complex topics.
A example of a mindmap built in Mindgenius shows a main idea and then a hierarchy of branches. Each main idea is broke broken down.
A mind map created with MindGenius.

Don’t forget about the suite of productivity tools available in Microsoft Office, such as Immersive Reader and Dictate. You can find out more about assistive software and productivity tools on our Accessibility guide.

If you have any questions, please contact the Accessibility Librarian, Jessica Wykes.

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