Study spaces are in high demand during the exam period, and the Library can be very busy.

5 jelly bears sitting closely to each other in the Library

A number of group study spaces outside the Library are also available for you to use:

  • Tait Building: the Garden Café, the sofas near the Students’ Union, the tables at the entrance to the Tait building from the University Building, the area outside the Oliver Thompson Lecture Theatre, the learning space next to the City Faith Centre
  • University Building: the Pavilion (the area near the main entrance), the sofas near the main entrance coffee shop, the coffee shop, the refectory, the breakout spaces in the stairwell to BM02
  • Drysdale Building: the breakout spaces on the lower ground floor, the area in front of the Careers Service
  • And any empty teaching room

3 jelly bears working in a group outside the Library at Northampton Square

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