High Five a Librarian Day

Friend to Libraries, Neil Gaiman, told us (and the rest of Twitter) a couple of days ago that today is High Five a Librarian Day!  (and that it’s Alan Moore’s Birthday – you can find his book, Watchmen, on Level 5, btw).

Since discovering this, we’ve been thinking about how to mark the occasion.  Should we wear badges with the High Five a Librarian logo and patrol the library seeking High Fives…?  Sounds fun but we like to leave you to study in peace. Though having said that, we did do just a little bit. Sorry.

If you would like to join in, perhaps because you like using CityLibrary, perhaps just because you like to High Five, you are cordially invited to show your appreciation for libraries by High Fiving librarians on the Level 2 Service Desk for rest of the day.

Happy High Five a Librarian Day to all!