Library Loves…Exams

We’re here when you need us the most.

Throughout December and January Library Loves… Exams.  Look for stalls in the library examsat Northampton Square, outside Cass Learning Resource Centre and at the Law Libraries at Innovation Centre and Gray’s Inn Place with special information on how Library Services can support you during the exams period, with resources that provide help with exam prep, essay guidance and opening hours updates.  You might even be able to snag a freebie or two.

If you’re at Northampton Square during the exam period, you can book a space on a quiet floor, so you know you’ll have a quiet space to work.  Check the Library Services website for details. Follow us on Twitter (@CityUniLibrary) for regular updates on which levels have the most availability throughout the day.

Feeling the pressure?

In December and January, we encourage you to take a break with Library Services. Check out our DVD and fiction collection when you need to unwind. Recently added DVDs include Frozen, Jurassic World and American Hustle.