Library Staff Love #11: Socialising

Pubs. Coffee shops. Quiz nights. Private parties which come with embossed invitation cards and stringent dress codes. There are many ways in which Librarians choose to spend their time away from the Library.

However, they’re at their best socialising in the workplace.

The thing I love most about CityLibrary (and in fact the world of libraries as a whole) is the engagement with our users- you.

To start with, Librarians are all over social media: exchanging ideas, sharing opinions, Twittertalking to people; and it has become a great way for us to get feedback on the things we do well and the things we could do better. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or even LibChat, we love to know what you think and to hear about your experiences whilst part of our community here at City, University of London.

Or, if typing and clicking isn’t your thing, why not try Chat Classic? We have staff at service desks across all of our sites (as well as ‘roving’ throughout the Northampton Square Library) who are more than happy to help out with in-person enquiries. Or to just have a natter really.

So do come along, say hello, send us your Tweets and messages, or waive frantically to grab our attention, whatever works for you.