Right at the top of our agenda is trying to make using the Library as straightforward as possible for our users and one of the key weapons in our arsenal is self-service. Whether it’s using our self-check machines to borrow items, or now collecting your requested items without needing to come to the Service Desk, we’re constantly thinking of ways in which our services can work seamlessly and better for you: helping you to help yourselves to all of the resources at your disposal.

Self-Service Machines (Select image to link to video)
Self-Service Machines (Select image to link to video)

You can use our self-check machines to borrow or renew items, some of them allow you to return items too: and if you know the secret password, they’ll even tell your fortune. Of course, staff are always on hand to help out if needed, so on the rare occasions that something doesn’t work or goes wrong, we’re there ready to step in and solve the problem: although we can’t take responsibility for errors related to predictions of the future (it’s not an exact science).

(Thanks to Mahvesh from our Law Library Team for suggesting self-service as the latest Library Staff Love feature).

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