The Copyright and Digitisation team is responsible for promoting copyright compliance at City, and for managing the Digitisation service, through which lecturers can make scans available to students of key chapters or extracts from books, or articles from journal issues, via Reading Lists. The team is made up of Stephen Penton (Copyright Librarian), Mark Pester and Hannah Boroudjou. 

Mark, Hannah and Stephen of the Copyright and Digitisation Team


Copyright (Stephen Penton):                                                                                          

I promote copyright compliance in a number of ways. I have developed a comprehensive library guide, providing information for both lecturing, researching and studying. For example, there is information relating to:

I also provide copyright briefing sessions for academic staff, sometimes departmentally, and occasionally meet with staff individually to discuss any copyright issues they may have. Please contact me if you would like to book a session with me

For those complicated copyright conundrums that can’t be easily answered using the guide, I can be contacted on


The Digitisation team deals with requests from lecturers for digitised material from books and journals. These will be readings which are considered particularly valuable for students to read, and they are accessible from Reading Lists, by clicking on the title of the reading and then entering login details.

City has a licence from the Copyright Licensing Agency which permits us to do this copying (which would not otherwise be permitted under copyright law), and there are certain conditions that we must satisfy, such as that Library Services must own the publication, and that we cannot copy more than a certain amount of a publication.

Further information can be found on the Digital Course Readings webpage, and as part of the Reading Lists Online library guide. Lecturers with any queries about digitisations can email

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