New Resource: Datastream via WRDS

The Business Library has added a new resource to our extensive collection of financial data sources. We have long had access to the full version of Datastream, which you can access via the Eikon Excel Add-In, and now we are able to also provide access to an abridged version of Datastream via WRDS. Datastream is an international time series database that allows you to explore relationships and trends, perform correlations, and generate and backtest investment and trading ideas.

Accessing Datastream via WRDS enables students, staff and researchers to take advantage of WRDS’ powerful search interface as well as download data directly into programmes like SAS Studio, R Studio and JupyterHub, so you can perform really detailed analysis on the data. The abridged version covers equities, commodities, economic indicators and futures data.

To use Datastream via WRDS you will need to sign up for a WRDS account: click ‘Register’ on the WRDS homepage to get started. Students on BSc Accounting & Finance and BSc Finance can use their group accounts to sign in and use our WRDS datasets.

Datastream via Eikon: you can use Eikon on PCs in the Financial Resources Zone or Refinitiv Trading Room at Bunhill Row, or in the Financial Resources Suite in the Northampton Square Library. Alternatively, you can use Eikon remotely by requesting an Eikon username and password by emailing

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