Routledge Performance Archive is live!

The Routledge Performance Archive is now live and accessible via Library Services.

The Routledge Performance Archive covers everything from the performance side of theatre to the theoretical and technical aspects of it too. It features videos from a wide array of practitioners and theatrical voices who have helped to shape and adapt theatre in various ways.

Screeshot of the Routledge Performance Archive

The variety of topics explored means that there is always a range of new resources and areas to explore. Each video resource comes with a transcript and some text from the creators of the work explaining a bit about where it came from and why.

The database has an easy to use interface meaning that the information is highly accessible and discovered very quickly – plus, the layout and transcript makes quoting and pulling information much easier than on some other platforms.

You can access the Routledge Performance Archive via Databases A-Z using your username and password.

For more help using this resource, contact your Subject Librarian.

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