Senate House Interior

Senate House Library is the central library for the University of London and School of Advanced Study. City students and staff can join Senate House Library for free and gain access to one of the UK’s largest academic libraries for arts, humanities, and social sciences with over 2 million books, 50 special collections and 1,800 archival collections.

As a member of Senate House Library, you can use their library spaces in central London, borrow books and access a broad range of online resources.

Research strengths of the collections include political activism, social/cultural history, and literary studies. There is even a librarian you can contact if you are researching magic or the paranormal.

You can now register for Senate House Library without attending the Library. Just remember to use your City email when registering and to take your City ID with you when you visit the Library. If you’ve previously registered for Senate House, you may need to renew your membership as online e-membership is only valid for 4 months.

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