As we launch into a new year, we thought now would be a good time to highlight six things you might have missed from Library Services (but we definitely wouldn’t want you to) over the last few months:

1: There are thousands of new online resources available now.

Not only have we added around 48,000 new e-book titles to the collection during lockdown, we’ve also subscribed to dozens of specialist resources to hopefully make your life easier studying at home, including:

plus extra archive content from the Financial Times, Telegraph, Daily Mail and Independent newspapers. Forget baking more sourdough, these should keep you occupied for a while.

2: There’s a Library Guide dedicated to our services during the pandemic.

Even before we went into the first lockdown, our Covid-19 Adjustments Guide was up and running on the Library website: and we update it regularly with information on our opening times, study spaces and Click & Collect service.

3: You can continue Liberating CityLibrary.

Our initiative to help diversify the Library’s collections, along with our other schemes More Books and Read for Research, are available and waiting for your orders. We add new titles all the time based on your recommendations alone, so if there’s something you’d like us to purchase, fill in a form.

4: You can study safely in the Library.

Since we reopened in the Summer, we’ve had socially distanced study spaces available for booking – in fact, we bought a whole new piece of software to help us manage the process better. We know things aren’t ideal, but if you’re on campus, and you remember to follow the guidance on wearing a face covering (if you’re able) and washing your hands regularly, the Library is open.

5: You can access Bloomberg from your bedroom.

And not just Bloomberg, but Eikon and Morningstar too. Initially, lockdown limited access to some specialist resources normally only available on site, but we were able to establish remote access to these key databases meaning you can peruse share prices in your pyjamas. Comfy.

6: You can chat to us more than ever before.

No really, you can. We extended our Online Chat service, created new regular Office Hours for the Subject Librarians (so you can always find someone online via Teams during the week), and added new ways for you to provide us with feedback. We know it’s tough feeling like everyone’s distant from each other, but thanks to the internet we’re only ever a chat box or webcam away.


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