Start your City journey with a Library win

Congratulations newbie!

Whether you aced those ‘A’ Levels, cruised through clearing or impressed your interviewer, you’ve made it- a place at City to study your dream course. You feel like a winner and so you should. You’re excited, eager to get going, ready to roll.

With that mind, what if I told you there’s a way to start winning at University right now? I know right? Now, this very second.

Two words: Library Essentials.

Think of it as a gateway to the house of knowledge. For when it comes to your weekly readings, research for assignments or projects, or even exam revision, you’re going to want to make full use of the Library: to unlock its doors to information, statistics, argument, critique and more.

And there’s no better place to start than Library Essentials. It will guide you through everything you need to know, from how to access the Library to finding information and getting help when you need it most.

Seriously, a look at Library Essentials before you arrive will not only give you a head start with you studies, but will also mean you can advance your expertise as a researcher faster.

Have a look. Start exploring. Keep winning.

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