Streaming Video Collections: Alexander Street Press

We currently have unlimited access to Alexander Street Press’s complete suite of academic video titles (more than 43,000 titles!) for a year. The most watched videos will become part of our permanent collection. 

The videos cover a wide range of subjects and topics. Collections include:

  • 60 Minutes: 1997-2014
  • American History in Video
  • Medical Imaging in Video
  • Human Resource Management Online (video content)
  • Human Rights Studies Online (video content)
  • International Business Online (video content)
  • Meet the Press
  • Opera in Video
  • The BBC Video Collection 

All of the videos can be accessed via CityLibrary Search, just search for your topic then narrow your content type to ‘Streaming Video’ and click ‘Apply’.

Features include searchable transcripts and the option to share videos, make clips and create playlists. 

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