Nothing triggers a memory more easily than taste.

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It might feel like summer’s nearly over, but then summer isn’t a time of the year. It’s a state of mind. Even if you can’t enjoy good weather, you can at least enjoy the taste of summer all year round. Did you know that the library holds several books related to food science, including recipes?

We asked staff for their favourite flavours of summer, with some recipes from CityLibrary Search to inspire your own culinary adventures.


Sweetest things

Catherine loves Pavlova “with all the fresh fruit that you put on top and that sweet crumbly goodness, what’s not to love!”

One member of staff loves milkshakes, saying they are the secret ingredient that keeps them looking young.

A member of staff likes to indulge her sweet teeth with a Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake, sometimes even sharing it with friends and family.


Hot and tasty

Jonathan loves a Green Thai Curry. He says they taste great.

One member of staff likes Falafels. Full of nutriments.

Alex loves lamb shish kebabs. He says they’re the smell of summer.

Another member of staff is a big fan of courgette pasta.


Salty Summer nights

Lynn loves hummus. She makes her own and can’t get enough of it.

One librarian likes Bloody Mary. “Very nutritious and gives me the energy to get through a busy week”.

Another librarian likes Pasta Genovese. A classic dish.


Beach ready

Catie loves pasta primaevera. Quick and easy, bung in a bit of veg, smash in some herb, shake it about, drizzle in olive oil. Pukka.

One member of staff loves fruit smoothies. The sweetest things to get him going.

A Greek salad is a classic summer flavour for some.


Picnic perfect

And if all else fails, Samantha recommends “Proper Pimms or a champagne cocktail, “Picnic Tea” (everything cold that you like from a posh deli [ed.: tongue, roll-mops, pickled eggs?] with some nice bread) and Eton Mess.” Don’t forget the crisps (three’s the magic number for picnics).


…and here’s some we made earlier

What an absolute feast! What’s your favourite summer grub? Tell us in the comments below.

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