Autumn Specials

Autumn Specials: A series of drop-in sessions at Northampton Square and Cass Libraries
This autumn Library Services will host a series of drop-in sessions and workshops at the Northampton Square and Cass Libraries. These sessions form our Library Services Autumn Specials. They will be an excellent opportunity to meet the people behind these resources and learn about how to get more out of library resources.

See the table below for dates and times of each session. Select the links to find out more information and book your place.

Autumn Specials at Northampton Square


Event Date Time Location
Successful Employability with the Financial Times Tuesday 24th September 12-12:30pm A110 College Building
Financial Times Drop-in Tuesday 24th September 1-3pm Northampton Square Library Level 2
Euromonitor Passport Drop-in Monday 7th October 12-3pm Northampton Square Library Level 2
Gale Cengage Roadshow Wednesday 17th October 11am-2pm Northampton Square Library Level 2
SAGE Research Methods Thursday 7th November 11am-2pm Northampton Square Library Level 2

Autumn Specials at Cass

Event Date Time Location
Successful Employability with the Financial Times Thursday 3rd October 12-12:30pm 2003, Bunhill Row
Financial Times Drop-in Thursday 3rd October 1-3pm Cass Library entrance, Level 1
Bloomberg Drop-in Tuesday 8th October 1-4pm Cass Library entrance, Level 1
Bureau van Dijk Drop-in Thursday 17th October 1-4pm Cass Library entrance, Level 1
Euromonitor Passport Drop-in Wednesday 23rd October 12-3pm Cass Library entrance, Level 1


Improved access to full-text articles via PubMed

It’s now easier than ever to check if the articles you’ve found on PubMed are available in full-text via CityLibrary.

Use the direct link to PubMed on the Databases A-Z and each time you search and select an article, look for the ‘isit@citylibrary’ link on the top right-hand side of the screen. This link will then:

  • display a pdf. if available
  • take you to a log-in screen, or
  • show information on how to use the Inter-Library Loan service to obtain a copy.

If you have registered for an account with PubMed you can also change your settings by logging-in to MyNCBI and changing the Outside Tool setting.

If you have any problems accessing full-text articles drop us an email, Ask Us or speak to a member of staff at a Help Desk during staffed hours.

New and updated Library Guides for Health Sciences

We are excited to announce Governmental, news and statistical resources, a new Library Guide for School of Health Sciences students, researchers and academics. It provides access to:

The guide formally known as Doing a systematic review has been updated and renamed Doing postgraduate research to cover all advanced dissertations and research projects, including systematic reviews.

Some new sections have also been added, including a Database Search Checklist which can be used after an initial database search to ensure the correct search strategies have been followed.

All of our guides for Health Sciences can be found here

Introducing Bloomberg Query Language



Attention Bloomberg users: Bloomberg has delivered a new API that you can use to download and save data from Bloomberg through the Bloomberg Excel Add-in. Introducing: Bloomberg Query Language (BQL). It works by:

  • Consolidating fields
  • Reducing the number of tickers you have to list
  • Aggregating data

Why use it?

  1. You can do more in Bloomberg without hitting Bloomberg’s download limit. This is because BQL uses much less data than the traditional way of using data in Bloomberg. Rather than taking the raw data and doing the calculations in Excel or another application, Bloomberg does the calculations for you on their end and then gives you the aggregate figures.
  2. You’ll save time because you won’t have to list tickers and work out the formula by trial and error. Bloomberg works with lists of tickers and aggregates sums.
  3. Knowing how to use BQL is a marketable skill. BQL requires that you know how to use complex Excel formulas, and the functionality of those formulas is not dissimilar to Python, another skill employers look for.

How can I use it?

  1. To get started, login to a Bloomberg terminal, sign into Bloomberg and open the Excel Add-in.
  2. Select the BQL Builder tool.
  3. Begin building your query. Refer to the BQL guide on Bloomberg for guidance – type BQLX <GO>

What resources can I use to get support?

  • BQL Cheatsheet, available on the Cass Library Moodle page
  • BQLX <GO> lists the complete guide to using BQL.
  • FLDS <GO> lists available fields that exist in Bloomberg

New to Bloomberg? Check out the Library Guide for Financial Information to learn about where to find it, how to sign up for access, and how to get help.

New look Westlaw launched

Exciting news! Westlaw has been updated to include some brand new and improved features, with the new platform going live from today. City students and staff will still be able to log-in directly using your username and password.

Screenshot of the Westlaw website.

Some of the changes include:

  • Folders:  the new platform will provide improved folder capabilities, annotation and sharing options, plus a new favourites feature. Your existing folders won’t be transferred automatically though, so you’ll have to recreate them on the new platform.
  • Alerts: the new platform has improved search and alerts functionality – just like Folders you’ll need to recreate any existing alerts on the new platform.

Our Law Librarian Rob will be running introductory workshops to help you get to know the new layout:

Tuesday 13th August      1-2pm AG24a Register Online
Thursday 15th August    2-3pm Princeton Street, Computer Room Register Online
Wednesday 2nd October 3-4pm Northampton Square Library, Level 3 Teaching Room Register Online
Thursday 3rd October    2-3pm Princeton Street, Computer Room Register Online

Westlaw are also running online introductory training sessions on using the new platform – see below for dates and links where you can sign up for the training:

Westlaw is a key resource which covers cases, legislation, journal articles and abstracts, full-text practitioner books and commentary: it also contains the Legal Journals Index of UK legal periodicals dating back to 1986.

Please contact  for more information about Westlaw or if you have any questions about using the new platform.

New databases: EIU Country Data and EIU Market Indicators and Forecasts

We are pleased to introduce two new databases to our collection: EIU Country Data and EIU Market Indicators and Forecasts. These databases have widespread applications across the disciplines, including Economics and Journalism.

EIU Country Data is an economic indicators database covering 200 countries and 45 regional aggregates. Global in coverage, EIU Country Data includes forecasts, external trade and GDP going back as far as 1980. It can be used to research individual counties in detail or to compare criteria across regions.


EIU Market Indicators and Forecasts is an economic database with industry data covering 60 countries dating back to 1990. Global in coverage, EIU Market Indicators and Forecasts also includes economic and industry forecasts for the next five years.

Other databases with detailed economics data can only be accessed on site with a specialist username and password. However, EIU Country Data and EIU Market Indicators and Forecasts can be accessed from anywhere with your City username and password.

If you have any questions about using these databases please get in touch with Catie Tuttle or Samantha Halford.

New database: Activistmonitor

We’re excited to introduce a new database Activistmonitor to our collection at Cass.

Shareholder activism has become a growing concern for publicly traded companies after many businesses have had to change their strategies in response to the demands of shareholder activists, rather than the usual demands of the market. Recent reports of shareholder activism in the media make it a hot topic for further study.

Activistmonitor covers activist campaigns including past campaigns, strategies and potential targets. It aims to give users an idea of how a given shareholder campaign might play out based on the behaviour of past targets and activists.

Activistmonitor can only be accessed at Cass Learning Resource Centre on specific terminals. If you are interested in using it, please visit the Helpdesk in the LRC.

New database: Acuris Intelligence Risk

We are pleased to introduce a new database to our collection at Cass. Acuris Intelligence Risk covers financial crime and politically exposed businesses. It includes sanctions search, adverse news and country reports. It can be searched by business or individual.

Acuris Intelligence Risk is an excellent tool for those interested in investigating people and businesses for risk because unlike other business databases, which provide data that comes from a third-party on their platform, Acuris Intelligence Risk gathers the information and analyses it themselves. Its sources include legal, government and news; documentation is linked back to the original source. This means that users get a clear and outside perspective on a business or an individual on often sensitive topics, making it ideal to assess risk.

Acuris Intelligence Risk can only be accessed at Cass Learning Resource Centre on specific terminals. If you are interested in using it, please visit the Helpdesk in the LRC.

CityLibrary’s online resource access and use policy

Library Services has developed an Online Resource Access and Use Policy to ensure a clear relationship between the provision of online resources and City’s Education and Student Strategy and Research and Enterprise Strategy.

Screenshot of an image describing the policy.

By providing clarification around licence agreement requirements, user access level rights and the acceptable use of subscribed online resources, the policy aims to ensure all library
users comply with our licence agreements.

You can find out more from the About Library Services section of our website, and if you have any questions or comments about the new policy, please contact us via email, in person or via social media.

S&P Global Market Intelligence

S&P Global Market Intelligence is a really useful database for getting in-depth information about financial institutions.

Key features include:

  • In-depth financial statements
  • Credit ratings information from S&P, Moody’s and Fitch
  • Market Intelligence Research
  • Financial news and alerts.

For those studying banking, finance or investment, S&P Global Market Intelligence is a gem. That’s because it provides highly detailed financial information and analysis for financial institutions around the world. Coverage is global and includes access to:

  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Financial Technology
  • Mortgage brokers and services
  • Asset management

In addition to providing an excellent standard of information, S&P Global Market Intelligence has an easy to use interface, and you can use it from your own computer.

For access, visit the Cass Library Services Moodle module (Cass users only) or contact Library Services