Arbitration International

Library Services now provides full online access to Arbitration International, a quarterly journal covering developments in arbitration related matters.  View the full text of articles from 1985 to present by accessing our Oxford University Press subscription here.

Our subscription also gives useful added features, such as:

  • Advance access to articles
  • Ability to set up RSS feeds
  • Article usage metrics (which you can access via the ‘Information and metrics’ tab within a journal article)
  • Ability to download an article’s citation in a format which is compatible with reference management tools, including RefWorks and Mendeley

Screen capture arbitration international

If you have any questions about Arbitration International, please contact Hilary Vieitez (Research Librarian) or Rob Hodgson (Law Librarian).

Resource of the month: HeinOnline

What is it?

HeinOnline provides full text access to a large number of law and law-related periodicals covering US, UK and international publications. It also includes resources such as:

  • Publications from the European Centre for Minority Issues
  • Pentagon Papers (a collection of papers relating to the US’s involvement in Vietnam from 1945 – 67)
  • US Presidential Library, which contains various documents relating to US Presidents
  • Women and the Law, which includes biographies of famous women, as well as resources on topics such as ‘legal rights & suffrage’ and ‘women & society’
  • World Constitutions and related material, searchable by country.

How can I use it?  Search all collections by using the search box at the top of the HeinOnline menu page, or browse collections by category or name.  An Advanced Search function is also available.

Where can I find it?  Search for ‘HeinOnline’ in CityLibrary Search.  Click on the HeinOnline link and enter your username and password.  Once on the HeinOnline home screen, click on the blue ‘LOG IN’ button in order to access the HeinOnline menu page.