New database: Activistmonitor

We’re excited to introduce a new database Activistmonitor to our collection at Cass.

Shareholder activism has become a growing concern for publicly traded companies after many businesses have had to change their strategies in response to the demands of shareholder activists, rather than the usual demands of the market. Recent reports of shareholder activism in the media make it a hot topic for further study.

Activistmonitor covers activist campaigns including past campaigns, strategies and potential targets. It aims to give users an idea of how a given shareholder campaign might play out based on the behaviour of past targets and activists.

Activistmonitor can only be accessed at Cass Learning Resource Centre on specific terminals. If you are interested in using it, please visit the Helpdesk in the LRC.

New database: Acuris Intelligence Risk

We are pleased to introduce a new database to our collection at Cass. Acuris Intelligence Risk covers financial crime and politically exposed businesses. It includes sanctions search, adverse news and country reports. It can be searched by business or individual.

Acuris Intelligence Risk is an excellent tool for those interested in investigating people and businesses for risk because unlike other business databases, which provide data that comes from a third-party on their platform, Acuris Intelligence Risk gathers the information and analyses it themselves. Its sources include legal, government and news; documentation is linked back to the original source. This means that users get a clear and outside perspective on a business or an individual on often sensitive topics, making it ideal to assess risk.

Acuris Intelligence Risk can only be accessed at Cass Learning Resource Centre on specific terminals. If you are interested in using it, please visit the Helpdesk in the LRC.

Introducing Wordery

Library Services have teamed up with Wordery to provide City students and staff with access to their very own online bookshop.  Offering free standard worldwide delivery on over 10 million titles, Wordery is one of the fastest growing online bookshops.

You will find links to Wordery within your Reading list; price and estimated delivery times are displayed below the library holdings.

Wordery link within Reading List Online


When buying more than one book you are eligible to receive a 10% discount on the second and any subsequent titles in your order.  To take advantage of this discount, you must order using the City Wordery page and set up an account with Wordery.

City Library Services will receive a small commission on all sales, which will be invested to further improve the resources we provide for you.

New books for the School of Health Sciences

A Library Services project to enhance the print and e-book collections for health sciences students took place over the summer.

New editions and extra copies of more than 50 of your most popular and essential titles were ordered, processed and catalogued and are now available for you to access or borrow.

Watch out for the latest version of your favourite textbook on the shelves or available online via CityLibrary Search.

For more information on using e-books, have a look at our E-books Guide.

And don’t forget, you can request items to be purchased for the collection via our More Books and Read for Research schemes: why not recommend a book today?

Introducing World-Check Country Risk Ranking

The database World-Check Country Risk Ranking from Thomson Reuters is now available for use inside the library.

What does it do?

World-Check Country Risk Ranking provides a current ranking of countries based on political, economic and criminal factors from hundreds of independent sources and international organisations, including the World Bank, Financial Action Task Force, OECD and World Economic Forum.

World-Check Country Risk Ranking screenshot
World-Check Country Risk Ranking screenshot

Risk factors include:
• Type of governance
• Political stability
• Armed conflict
• Human Rights
• Debt
• Credit Sovereign Ratings
• Fraud
• Human trafficking
• Corruption

World-Check Country Ranking risk factors breakdown
World-Check Country Ranking risk factors breakdown

Ranking is updated when new source material is published. Ratings are transparent and linked directly to their sources.

World-Check Country Risk Ranking risk factors
Political factors


How can we get access it?

World-Check Country Risk Ranking can be accessed on networked computers at Northampton Square Library or Cass Learning Resource Centre. Users should ask at the helpdesk to get access. Please note only one user at a time can access it at each site.
Questions about World-Check Country Risk Ranking can be directed to Samantha Halford ( or Catie Tuttle (

New online resource – Times Higher Education (THE)

THE LogoLibrary Services are pleased to announce that all City staff and students now have access to the Times Higher Education (THE) online.

The THE contains global higher education coverage including world university rankings, news, opinions and features. Read online articles, digital editions and download the app to your device.

To set up your Times Higher Education account, go to, click the person icon in the top right corner and register using your City email address.

The Times Higher Education app is also available to download from your app store provider on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire.

New books at City Library

We regularly add new books and e-books to our collection. Use the carousel below to browse a selection of the new titles added in the last few months. Click on any cover to see where the book is located or to place a request.

Want to recommend a book? Tell us what’s missing from our collections via our More Books Scheme.

Library Staff Love #16: Rock’s Backpages

As anyone who has listened to our latest Spotify playlist knows, Librarians have excellent taste in music. We’re not common people. We know our Bachs from our Back for Goods.

What we librarians also have excellent taste in is our selection of online resources, which is why for Library Staff Love #16 Alex, our Subject Librarian for Arts, has chosen to highlight Rocks Backpages.

Rock’s Backpages

Here’s why:

“Rock’s Backpages lets you explore rock and pop music history with over 30,000 articles of music journalism including interviews, feature articles and reviews. The articles are sourced from magazines such as Rolling Stone, Cream, NME, Mojo and Melody Maker with all genres covered from Country to Glam Rock and Trip-Hop. Coverage goes back to the early 1950s and is updated every week.

Some of my own personal favourites from the archive:

For anyone researching popular music or music writing this database is an essential resource. Search for “Rock’s Backpages” via City Library Search, then select the link to go directly to the site where you can browse and search by artist, publication, genre or journalist. The website itself also includes bonus audio and visual materials.”

When you access the link to Rock’s Backpages you’ll be prompted for your City Username and Password and then… hallelujah! You’ll have access to a treasure trove of musical matter.

Thanks for the suggestion Alex (such a good egg, definitely not a bad seed…)

Resource of the month: ProQuest Refworks

Given up on new year’s resolutions and office decluttering projects but still hoarding lots of research references?  Maybe you would like to try a new reference management software.

ProQuest RefWorks  is a new, updated online reference management tool available to staff, students and alumni of City, University of London.  It can be integrated into your research process and allow you to store, manage, edit and share the references you retrieve.

Some features of ProQuest RefWorks are: 

  • Manage and store your research references from projects and dissertations in folders.
  • Export references from CityLibrary Search and many databases and Google Scholar etc.  into ProQuest RefWorks.
  • Create and format bibliographies in different styles and generate in text citations.
  • Save and annotate PDFs and documents directly from your computer.
  • Collaborate and share references with others.

Great, how do I start using it?

You need to create a new  ProQuest RefWorks  account. Use your City email address for this and if you have used Legacy RefWorks before then choose a different password to avoid any confusion with the previous account.  You can also access Proquest RefWorks from CityLibrary Search.

How do I export references into ProQuest Refworks?

See the Adding references section of our Library guide. As an example, do a search on CityLibrary Search for example on something which interests you. I quite like researching topics such as snow leopards, ankle sprains and/ or digital literacy. Click on the grey box with a cross symbol to the right of any result(s) which are useful to you and the box will turn red.  When ready, click on the white folder at the top right of the screen. From the down arrow next to Export to, click RefWorks.

Then select  ProQuest RefWorks. Export to the new RefWorks.

More information?

If you are using RefWorks Legacy with a document in Microsoft Word using the Write N Cite tool, you are strongly advised to continue working on this in RefWorks Legacy.  It is anticipated that ProQuest RefWorks will replace Legacy RefWorks in January 2018.

See our shiny, new ProQuest RefWorks guide or  ProQuest’s guide

Also check out our Library workshop webpage for workshops on ProQuest RefWorks and other topics. 

Any questions please contact: Diane Bell  – Research Librarian

Library Staff Love #10: Read For Research

This month’s choice comes from Research Librarian Diane Bell who loves supporting research here at City (which is handy) almost as much as she loves leopards.

Diane said:

“It’s awesome to work in partnership with our research staff & students to build research collections and create resources. Read for Research allows City research students and staff to recommend titles for purchase by Library Services. The wide range of titles shows the diversity of the research done at City and we have had lovely feedback about it.”

Read For Research was set up to help postgraduate researchers get hold of print material specifically related to their topic of interest: you’ll know if you borrow a book purchased via the scheme because it will have a bright shiny sticker on the front proudly telling you so.

Read For Research
Shiny Read For Research sticker

The form to submit a Read For Research request can be found on our website and there is some helpful information provided about how the scheme works- you can even place a hold on the item being purchased, guaranteeing that you’ll be the first person to borrow it when it becomes available.

Diane also asked if she could give a quick plug for her own new resource too: Citylibresearchcasestudies.

“The purpose of this is to give a practical insight into researching different subjects from the point of view of a research student or staff member who has either recently researched the topic(s) or who is a new or experienced researcher. It concentrates on areas such as: Library resources such as databases and journals, useful textbooks, literature searching experiences and keywords and any publications, articles blog posts etc. and tips for new researchers.”

There’s some really interesting stuff on the site and it’s great to see so many of City’s researchers engage with the project.

Thanks for your suggestions Diane!