The Curious Case of Library Staff Love #14

Rather excitingly, and in typical crime fiction fashion, this month we received an anonymous tip-off. It seems that there’s something worth investigating on Level 5 of the Northampton Square Library and, luckily for us, our unnamed online-form-filler left some vital clues to help us take a closer look:

Clue 1: “It’s got loads of great new contemporary writings and photos.”

Hmm, how mysterious. Could it be an online resource? We’ve got so many, including LION– but you don’t need to be on Level 5 to access our e-resources, you can do that from anywhere with an internet connection. No, it must be something else…

Clue 2: “You can just curl up with a big Galaxy bar and sail away to loads of different worlds.”

Hmm, well I know that Bloomberg (available on PCs in the Financial Resources Suite) does a cool thing with little ships, but I don’t think it’s that. What does Clue 3 say…

Clue 3: “It is a great way to discover new writers. You can pick the most recent copies up from Level 5 although our collection goes back to 1979.”

Ah, I think I can see where this is going. Recent copies? A longer back catalogue? I’m thinking Journals, of which we have many in both print and digital form. But which one could it be? It must in print as we were told to look at Level 5. Let’s look at the final clue…

Clue 4: “It publishes work from a lot of hot new things including work by one of our talented alumnae: ‘Strange Heart Beating’ by Eli Goldstone will be published in June 2017 and then be available from all good bookshops and libraries.”

Aha! Time for a little process of elimination: if I Google ‘Strange Heart Beating by Eli Goldstone’ I get a results list, and the top result says Granta has bought the rights to this book. Now, maybe, if look for Granta on CityLibrary Search… huzzah! I can see that we stock… Granta Magazine!

Now, if I head to Level 5 and inspect the scene carefully…

Granta Magazine, on Level 5 of Northampton Square Library

Mystery solved! Us Librarians, we do love a bit of sleuthing. Thanks anonymous tip-off person!

5 ways to take a break: Library-style

It could be because it’s exam season. There could be a coursework deadline looming. Either way, you’ve decided to camp out in the Library: you’ve remembered your water, cold snacks, laptop, and those fluffy slippers to keep your feet comfortably cosy. You’re ready-to-go with an all-night revision-a-thon. Your referencing is going to show Harvard who’s boss. It’s on, people.

But you also know that having a break is ESSENTIAL to successful exam survival and coursework preparation. Rest is important. Burning yourself out will not help anyone.

So, with this in mind, here are 5 things you can do in the Library that will help you take your mind off things:

  1. Look out of the window. From a glorious sunrise, to a spectacular sunset, looking out of the window can be awe inspiring; and inspiration is key to good studying. On a bright sunny day gaze at beautiful blue skies and puffy clouds. On grey rainy days, watch as other people get drenched. Bliss.

    Sunset from Level 6
  2. Go for a walk. We have 5 floors, stairs, lifts, doors to open and close- plenty of promenading possibilities. Plus, you never know who you might bump into
  3. Browse. Seriously, not only does it add a whole new exciting dimension to promenading (see: 2, above) but browsing can be serendipitous for the soul. We’ve got loads of things you can browse, books (pick up a floor guide at the desk, choose a section, off you go…) journals, newspapers. And once you’ve found something which sparks your imagination, grab a comfy purple chair, sit back and expand your mind.
  4. Hang out with BoB. BoB could be your new best friend. BoB will listen to what you want and try to give you what you want, when you want it. BoB’s great like that.
  5. Talk to a librarian. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or even the good old fashioned way, in person, at the Service Desk. Topics we’re good at include: library essentials, resources, referencing, knitting, board games, TV and cake.

And remember: you will get there in the end- just make sure you look after yourself on the way.

Northampton Square bookable silent study spaces return for 24/7 Opening

Bookable silent study spaces will return for the January 24/7 period at Northampton Square.

Students can book a space to study on weekdays from 3rd – 20th January.  Sessions of two or three hours are available between 9am and 9pm and users can book one session a day, with a maximum of two per week.  Each session can be booked up to one week in advance.  The full terms and conditions are on the bookings page.

The spaces themselves are on Level 5 and can be found on the Spencer Street side just beyond the help desk.  They are even specially decorated to show which is which too!

Some of the Bookable Silent Study Spaces waiting to be booked
Some of the Bookable Silent Study Spaces waiting to be booked

Library Staff Love #13: Research methods for business students

As it’s the last Library Staff Love feature for 2016, this time we mean business. Well, by ‘we’ I mean Samantha, our Research Librarian for Cass PG & Business; and by ‘business’ I mean specifically:

Saunders, M.N.K., Lewis, P. and Thornhill, A. (2016) Research methods for business students (7th ed.) Harlow: Pearson.

Research methods for business students

Here’s why Samantha chose this title:

“[It’s an] excellent book for anyone approaching a dissertation, business mastery project or other major research project in a Cass subject, covering everything from formulating your research question in the first place to writing up at the end- including a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methods and how to pick one.”

As well as print copies at both Northampton Square and Cass Libraries, we also have this title available as an e-book: so if you’re new to using e-books, why not have a look at our helpful guide on our website.

Of course, it won’t just be business researchers and students working hard over the festive break: we know students from all disciplines will have assignments to complete and deadlines to meet; so if anyone needs any assistance using Library resources, we’re here until 3pm this Friday to answer your questions and to help if we can.

Season’s greetings!

Level 6 Re-opens

Where can you find the best view at City? My vote goes for the panorama from Level 6 of the Northampton Square Library, looking over iconic London buildings such as the Gherkin, the Barbican and the Walkie Talkie.


Now we have been busy improving the view on the inside of Level 6 as well. For the past two weeks, we have been dismantling the old desks on level 6…

Level 6 desks

..and installing new ones.

new desks

By replacing the old desks with new, we’ve been able to increase the number of study spaces in the library. We’ve also fitted power sockets to more desks on Level 6, and will be completing this work later in the year.

This is all part of the summer programme of improvements that also saw the new pods popping up on Level 3, and more group study tables being added to Level 2.

Northampton Square Library, Level 3 closure

Level 3 of the Northampton Square Library will be closed over the Bank Holiday weekend (27th-31st August) so we can install new furniture.

If you need to do group work, please use Level 2. Levels 4, 5 and 6 will be available for silent study as usual.

All the new furniture has been delivered but still needs to be unpacked and assembled. As you can see from pile of boxes and mystery objects below, it’s going to be a big job.


What will it be once it’s all put together? Check City Library News next week to see what’s in the box!