Level 3 at Northampton Square Library

Although the spaces in the Northampton Square Library have been quieter over the summer, library staff have been busy using your feedback to make changes.

level 3 can be very loud, reducing noise levels would be very good

This was a common theme in our recent feedback campaigns, with many of you suggesting that you would appreciate a quieter, more studious study space on Level 3.

From September, Level 3 of the Northampton Square Library is for quiet study.  When using Level 3 please keep conversations to a minimum, and if you want to work in a large group be considerate of your fellow students and book a group study room or use one of the other collaborative study spaces throughout the University, such as in the Tait Building.

To make the space more suitable for quiet study we have purchased new furniture and the last pieces will be delivered and installed this week.

Woman reading book in library

Resolved: walk-in access PC at Northampton Square

The problems we were experiencing with the walk-in access PC at Northampton Square have now been resolved.  Authorised users can now access this machine during staffed hours, please speak to a member of Library staff to use this service.

24 hour opening at Northampton Square Library

From Monday 30th of April until midnight on Friday 8th of June the Northampton Square Library will be open 24/7 for you to study around-the-clock.


Library staff will be on hand during normal working hours before handing over to our Security colleagues who’ll keep an eye on things until morning: but don’t worry, if you suddenly think of a question overnight we have a host of Library Guides plus our Ask us section available via the website to help support you.

During 24/7 opening we expect Library users to treat staff, other students and university property with respect, to adhere to the Library Services Code of Conduct and to use 24/7 opening responsibly. As we are situated in a residential area, Library users are expected to treat our neighbours with consideration by leaving the premises quickly, quietly and without causing disturbance.

Please also remember to take plenty of breaks when studying and to keep safe when travelling home from the library late at night.

Good luck everybody!

Library Loves… Feedback: 19th February – 23rd February

Over the next week Library staff will be popping-up all over City to gather your feedback. This is your chance to tell us what you love about Library Services and what we could do better.There will  be goodies on offer and the chance to win £10 in Print Credit by entering our prize draw.

Your feedback can really make a difference. It helps us improve the Library Service for you and other students.

Pop-ups at Northampton Square

Monday 19th February Outside Oliver Thompson Lecture Theatre, Tait Building 9.30-10.00
Tuesday 20th February Entrance, Rhind Building 12.30-1.30
Wednesday 21st February Level 1, Drysdale Building 1.30-2.30
Thursday 22nd February University Building Walkway 1.15-1.45
Friday 23rd February Lower Ground Drysdale Building 2.30-1.30

Pop-up at the Cass Business School, Bunhill Row

Wednesday 21st February Outside Cass Learning Resource Centre 2.15 – 2.45

Alternative ways to submit your feedback

In addition to the pop-ups you’ll find feedback walls at each of our libraries where you can anonymously post your comments which we’ll respond to. To still be in with a chance of winning print credit you can give us your feedback online.




Financial Times to visit City in February

The Financial Times will be visiting during International City Week in February. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about key international features of the paper including:

  • How to see what’s on the front page of today’s print edition everywhere in the world
  • International columnists and the coverage.

The Financial Times at Northampton Square

Kylie Gammans of the Financial Times will present a lecture on Successful Employability with the Financial Times.

Tuesday 20th February 1.30-2pm Signup for the lecture here: https://libcal.city.ac.uk/event/3313970

If you can’t make it to the lecture, you can also speak to Kylie during her drop-in at Northampton Square Library level 2 from 11.15-1pm.

The Financial Times at Cass Business School

The Financial Times will be visiting the Learning Resource Centre at Cass Business School on Thursday 15th February and can be seen at the following times:

Drop-in: 2-3pm

Lecture 3.30-4pm Sign up for the lecture online: https://libcal.city.ac.uk/event/3308750

Do you still need to sign up for your free subscription to the FT.com? Login to using the City Library website and use your City email address to register.  After you’ve registered, you can easily access your account through www.ft.com > login with the details you initially set up.

Library Loves Feedback Pop-Ups: 20th-24th November

All this week Library Staff will be popping-up across the University to find out what you think about Library Services. We’d like to know what you love and why you love it: plus, your ideas for how we can improve things too.

Your feedback really does make a difference: it helps us plan and make changes for the benefit of everyone who uses the Library’s services, resources and spaces.

As well as librarians popping-up everywhere and chatting in-person, we’ll also have Feedback Walls at all of our sites so that you can post your comments anonymously: you’ll also be able to read other people’s thoughts as well as any responses from Library Staff.

Branded Library Loves Feedback poster with dates in November
Library Loves Feedback: November

Pop-ups at Northampton Square:

Monday 20th Nov


University Building Walkway 10:30-11:00
Tuesday 21st Nov


Rhind Building Entrance 12:45-13:15
Wednesday 22nd Nov


Drysdale 1st floor walkway (nr garden entrance) 13:30-14:00
Thursday 23rd Nov


Oliver Thomson Lecture Theatre foyer 15:45-16:15
Friday 24th Nov


Drysdale Lower Ground 10:45-11:15

Pop-ups at City Law School, Gray’s Inn Place:

Tuesday 21st Nov


Common Room, Atkin Building, Gray’s Inn Place 12:15-13:00

Pop-ups at the Cass Business School, Bunhill Row:

Wednesday 22nd Nov


Outside the Cass Learning Resource Centre 14:15-14:45

Don’t forget, there are lots of other ways to contact us too including via email, Online Chat, and Social Media: let us know what you think!


Library Staff Love #17: City Novel / City Crime

Our students studying for an MA in Creative Writing are a super talented bunch and benefit from a sector leading course which has led to graduates becoming successful and award-winning published authors.

You can get a flavour of their creativity by reading City Novel and City Crime: brilliant collections of their stories available in the Library, so brilliant in fact that they’re the subject of our latest Staff Pick submitted by an enthusiastic, anonymous colleague:

“They’ve only gone and done it again! City’s talented writers have knuckled down and created some fresh, raw and revealing fiction. I just love to read new books and these collected excerpts are all brilliant. They really whet the appetite for more.

The City Crime books are all full of spooky whodunnits and the City Novel books are all just full of great novels. It’s like a little bonsai library. Just perfect.”

Librarians are known for knowing their fiction so you can’t go wrong with a recommendation from one, including from our very own mystery author. You can pick up copies of City Novel and City Crime from Level 5 of the Northampton Square Library today.

(We’d love to hear your reviews or recommendations: @CityUniLibrary)

10 CityLibrary hacks for new students

Planning on venturing into the Northampton Square Library for the first time? Here are 10 hush-hush hacks only those in-the-know know….

  • (1) There’s a lift from the main entrance direct to Level 2

    Accessible lift from main entrance

Our Library is accessible which is great if you use a mobility aid, and even greater if you just don’t like stairs. There’s a mirror in it too, so before you exit through automatic doors, heralded by the sound of happy elevator beeps, you can also make sure you look fabulous (or check you haven’t got chocolate smeared across your face, whichever is more likely).

  • (2) Our Entrance and Exit Gates want to be your friend

Turn left at the Library Service Desk to enter the Library. Our Library Essentials Guide has a great example of how to gain access using your City card.

Exit gate marked ‘Exit’

To exit, use the middle gate marked ‘Exit’. No need to swipe, just walk through calmly and let the magic happen. “Is this really a hack?” I hear you cry. All I’ll say is, you’d be surprised at the amount of people who experience what’s known as MBF (Major Barrier Fail). Don’t be one of them.

  • (3) The right-hand lift is superior to the left-hand lift

    Better right-hand lift

Reason being it has a window, so you can gaze out at the eastern cityscape as you’re whisked to your chosen floor:

Okay, it’s not quite the London Eye, there isn’t any muzak and there’s some sort of mysterious blob hindering the view, but, you know. (Think the left-hand lift is better? Tell us why).

  • (4) The water fountain is on Level 3

Possibly our greatest acquisition ever (marginally ahead of the purple chairs) the water fountain brings refreshing hydration joy to Library users all year round.

Water fountain on Level 3
  • (5) Experience a corporeal mediated experience on Level 3

    Our dynamic rotational display device

Engage with the Fourth Estate in the classic format by reading an actual newspaper live: you’ll find them on our dynamic rotational display device, along with supplements including the THE.

  • (6) Not all the Group Study Rooms on Level 3 are the same

Some rooms have whiteboards (you can borrow marker pens from the Service Desk), some have I.T. and some offer a little more legroom. Take Room 3J for example:

Not only is it roomier, judging by the panorama picture quality it’s also built on top of some sort of temporal vortex. Exciting.

  • (7) There’s a secret vending machine on Level 3

    ‘Secret’ vending machine

Well, it was secret. Regularly stocked with all your favourite snackage (including some new and interesting variants) the Level 3 machine is tucked away in the corner near the printers.

  • (8) The most exciting shelving is on Level 4

Arguably, the first shelving bay on Level 4 is the most exciting in the whole Library:

Exciting Level 4 shelving

On the left, we have the Careers Collection with items specially chosen with your professional development in mind. To the right we have reference heaven with a plethora of dictionaries in multiple languages; and then on the end, immediately as you enter the floor, you can see the new titles display shelf which showcases our most interesting and eye-catching acquisitions.

  • (9) Catch Subject Librarians Live on Level 5, Weekdays 11-5

The Level 5 Helpdesk is regularly staffed by our Subject Librarian team during term time:

Library Helpdesk on Level 5

This means from Monday to Friday you can drop in and chat to a subject specialist about all of your Library and research needs. No appointments necessary (although you can make them too, if you prefer).

  • (10) There’s a PC Lab on Level 6

    Level 6 PC Lab

Tucked away in the far corner of the room, the Level 6 PC Lab benefits from a quiet location, comfortable amount of desk space and south-facing windows which fill the room with wonderful natural light- plus transformative blinds, for those that prefer a little shade.

(Share your own #CityLibraryHacks by posting a comment below or via Social Media)

Saturday 18th March: Fire alarm testing at Northampton Square Library

On Saturday 18 March our colleagues in Property and Facilities will carry out fire alarm sounder tests at Northampton Square. The testing will be audible throughout the Library, with intermittent alarms sounding for up to 20 minutes at any time 8-10 am and then again 2-6 pm.

Whilst every effort will be made to keep the disruption to a minimum, with no risk to hearing based on the noise level and duration, you may wish to use one of our other Libraries to study in.


We are sorry for any inconvenience this work might cause.