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Life in the Archives and Special Collections

Man in full academic dress stooping in front of a table, being given an award by another man in academic dress who is standing. Two other men in academic dress are sat at the table, another man is stood further away to the left watching.

One of the great things about working with archive materials is never knowing what treasures you might discover in the depths of a storage box untouched by human hand since the dawn of time (well, a few years maybe). Today’s exciting (and timely) find is this photograph which shows Sir David Attenborough receiving an Award…Continue Reading Life in the Archives and Special Collections

From the archive: The Lord Mayor’s Show

Tomorrow (Saturday November 11th), City, University of London students will be taking part in the Annual Lord Mayor of London’s Procession.  Although our involvement in the procession goes back many decades, the history of the procession dates right back to the reign of King John in the 12th Century. A Short History King John, having…Continue Reading From the archive: The Lord Mayor’s Show

Calling all freshers

Have you collected your official tie? Fancy being a cox? Ready to share with the world your moderate singing voice usually confined to the shower? Well you’re in luck because Welcome Week can meet all your needs. At least it did fifty years ago. The images featured here are taken from September and October 1967…Continue Reading Calling all freshers