The Law Library in College Building is now open

The Law Library in College Building is now open!

Where is it?

The Library is situated in AG17, College Building, on the ground floor. If you can’t find it, please check the campus map:

Who can access it?

Access is restricted to City Law School students and staff.

What about the Innovation Centre Library?

The Innovation Centre Library is now closed. All textbooks have been moved to College Building, along with law reports and journals. If you have trouble locating the resource you need, please ask a member of staff at the Help Desk.

Further questions?

Please come and visit us, we will try to answer all the questions you might have. Alternatively, please contact us at:

Northampton Square bookable silent study spaces return for 24/7 Opening

Bookable silent study spaces will return for the January 24/7 period at Northampton Square.

Students can book a space to study on weekdays from 3rd – 20th January.  Sessions of two or three hours are available between 9am and 9pm and users can book one session a day, with a maximum of two per week.  Each session can be booked up to one week in advance.  The full terms and conditions are on the bookings page.

The spaces themselves are on Level 5 and can be found on the Spencer Street side just beyond the help desk.  They are even specially decorated to show which is which too!

Some of the Bookable Silent Study Spaces waiting to be booked
Some of the Bookable Silent Study Spaces waiting to be booked

Library Staff Love #11: Socialising

Pubs. Coffee shops. Quiz nights. Private parties which come with embossed invitation cards and stringent dress codes. There are many ways in which Librarians choose to spend their time away from the Library.

However, they’re at their best socialising in the workplace.

The thing I love most about CityLibrary (and in fact the world of libraries as a whole) is the engagement with our users- you.

To start with, Librarians are all over social media: exchanging ideas, sharing opinions, Twittertalking to people; and it has become a great way for us to get feedback on the things we do well and the things we could do better. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or even LibChat, we love to know what you think and to hear about your experiences whilst part of our community here at City, University of London.

Or, if typing and clicking isn’t your thing, why not try Chat Classic? We have staff at service desks across all of our sites (as well as ‘roving’ throughout the Northampton Square Library) who are more than happy to help out with in-person enquiries. Or to just have a natter really.

So do come along, say hello, send us your Tweets and messages, or waive frantically to grab our attention, whatever works for you.

Library Staff Love #4: Bins

Garbage. Dumpster. Trash can.

The humble dustbin comes in a variety of forms and synonyms, none more exciting than the dazzling array of new multi-purpose bins we have across all the Library sites. Simon B in particular is a big fan of our new bins and wanted to share with everyone just why he loves them so:

“The new bins are great… real snazzy and come in a fetching palette of soothing greys, black and green. You can put recyclable waste in the green bit and non-recyclable waste in black bit, and as long as food has been emptied from the containers you can recycle them… the new bins help support the University’s waste management policies and encourage sustainable processes.”

Our 'snazzy' new bins
Our ‘snazzy’ new bins

We hope that having more snazzy bins throughout Library spaces has made it much easier for users to dispose of plastic packets and cardboard containers, especially since the new policy on allowing cold snacks was introduced.

Thanks for sharing your love of bins Simon!


Library Staff Love #2: Purple James Bond style chairs

The name is Librarian, University Librarian.

Yes, this month’s recommendation comes from Louise D. and highlights how the Northampton Square Library now offers all of our students and staff the chance to play out a fluffy-white-cat-spinning-chair fantasy…

But why does Louise love the purple chairs?

“I love these chairs, because… they were in use the moment they went out, and they offer a beautiful view of the square. Particularly in autumn with the trees changing colours. I’ve worked in a number of different areas of London throughout my career and I love the fact NSQ Library overlooks such a green and quiet (some of the time) space. Purple Peace amongst the chaos.”

Yes, it’s been great to see students enjoying the Library spaces and feeling comfortable and relaxed, which is particularly important during stressful periods like exam time.

Thanks Louise!

(If you would like to share what you love about the Library, let us know!)

Take a break on the new seats on Library Level 2. Thanks to @ivaalexieva for letting us share this photo. #cityunilibrary #takeabreak

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