24/7 Opening at the Northampton Square Library

From Monday 24th of April until midnight on Friday 2nd June the Northampton Square Library will be open 24/7 for you to study around-the-clock. 

Library staff will be on hand during normal working hours before handing over to our Security colleagues who will keep an eye on things until morning: but don’t worry, if you suddenly think of a question overnight we have a host of Library Guides plus our FAQs available via the website to help support you.

During 24/7 opening we expect Library users to treat staff, other students and university property with respect, to adhere to the Library Services Code of Conduct and to use 24/7 opening responsibly.

As we are situated in a residential area, Library users are expected to treat our neighbours with consideration by leaving the premises quickly, quietly and causing no disturbance.

Please remember to take plenty of breaks and to keep safe when travelling home from the library late at night.

For further information please see 24/7 library opening.

Easter Opening Hours

Library opening hours will vary due to the Easter vacation. Detailed opening times and directions to each library can be found on the City Library website.

Northampton Square Library 

Date Opening Hours Staffed Hours
Friday 14th April 10:00 – 10:00 Self-service/Reference only
Saturday 15th April 10:00 – 10:00 12:00-18:00
Sunday 16th April 10:00 – 10:00 12:00-18:00
Monday 17th April 10:00 – 10:00 Self-service/Reference only

The Library will be 24/7 from 08:30 on Monday 24th April – Midnight on Friday 2nd June

Cass Learning Resource Centre 

Date Opening Hours Staffed Hours
Friday 14th April 24 hours Self-service/Reference only
Saturday 15th April 24 hours 10:00-18:00
Sunday 16th April 24 hours 10:00-18:00
Monday 17th April 24 hours Self-service /Reference only

City Law School Library (Northampton Square)

Date Opening Hours Staffed Hours
Friday 14th April CLOSED  
Saturday 15th April 12:00 – 18:00 12:00-18:00
Sunday 16th April 12:00 – 18:00 12:00-18:00
Monday 17th April CLOSED

City Law School Library (Gray’s Inn Place)

Date Opening Hours Staffed Hours
Friday 14th April CLOSED  
Saturday 15th April 11:00 – 18:00 11:00-18:00
Sunday 16th April 11:00 – 17:00 11:00-17:00
Monday 17th April CLOSED

Library Staff Love #15: Helping you help yourselves

Right at the top of our agenda is trying to make using the Library as straightforward as possible for our users and one of the key weapons in our arsenal is self-service. Whether it’s using our self-check machines to borrow items, or now collecting your requested items without needing to come to the Service Desk, we’re constantly thinking of ways in which our services can work seamlessly and better for you: helping you to help yourselves to all of the resources at your disposal.

Self-Service Machines (Select image to link to video)
Self-Service Machines (Select image to link to video)

You can use our self-check machines to borrow or renew items, some of them allow you to return items too: and if you know the secret password, they’ll even tell your fortune. Of course, staff are always on hand to help out if needed, so on the rare occasions that something doesn’t work or goes wrong, we’re there ready to step in and solve the problem: although we can’t take responsibility for errors related to predictions of the future (it’s not an exact science).

(Thanks to Mahvesh from our Law Library Team for suggesting self-service as the latest Library Staff Love feature).

Meet the team: Copyright and Digitisation Team

The Copyright and Digitisation team is responsible for promoting copyright compliance at City, and for managing the Digitisation service, through which lecturers can make scans available to students of key chapters or extracts from books, or articles from journal issues, via Reading Lists. The team is made up of Stephen Penton (Copyright Librarian), Mark Pester and Hannah Boroudjou. 

Mark, Hannah and Stephen of the Copyright and Digitisation Team


Copyright (Stephen Penton):                                                                                          

I promote copyright compliance in a number of ways. I have developed a comprehensive library guide, providing information for both lecturing, researching and studying. For example, there is information relating to:

I also provide copyright briefing sessions for academic staff, sometimes departmentally, and occasionally meet with staff individually to discuss any copyright issues they may have. Please contact me if you would like to book a session with me

For those complicated copyright conundrums that can’t be easily answered using the guide, I can be contacted on Stephen.Penton@city.ac.uk.


The Digitisation team deals with requests from lecturers for digitised material from books and journals. These will be readings which are considered particularly valuable for students to read, and they are accessible from Reading Lists, by clicking on the title of the reading and then entering login details.

City has a licence from the Copyright Licensing Agency which permits us to do this copying (which would not otherwise be permitted under copyright law), and there are certain conditions that we must satisfy, such as that Library Services must own the publication, and that we cannot copy more than a certain amount of a publication.

Further information can be found on the Digital Course Readings webpage, and as part of the Reading Lists Online library guide. Lecturers with any queries about digitisations can email digilib@city.ac.uk.

New Books – Feb 2017

More Books LogoUse the carousel below to browse a selection of the new titles added to Library collections in the last month. Click on any cover to see where the book is located or to place a request.

Want to recommend a book? Tell us what’s missing from our collections via our More Books Scheme.


Meet the team: School of Health Sciences

School of Health Sciences Subject Librarians. Catherine Radbourne, Endang Scanlon and Steve O'Driscoll.
School of Health Sciences Subject Librarians. From top: Catherine Radbourne, Endang Scanlon, Steve O’Driscoll.

Our Subject Librarians in the School of Health Sciences support staff and students with their learning, teaching and research activities. They do this by:

  • ensuring that the books on your reading lists are up to date and available in the library
  • offering staff and students 1-2-1 support via appointment
  • delivering library training sessions on literature searching and referencing
  • regularly attending Staff-Student Liaison Committee (SSLC), Learning and Teaching Committee (LTC) and/or Programme Committee meetings.

Each Subject Librarian covers a different subject area of expertise:

Steve O’Driscoll – Subject Librarian for Health Services Research & Management; Language Communication Science ; Optometry and SHS Research Librarian (Masters, PhDs and academics). Steve has worked at City since 2001. He enjoys helping students with their research and using the library’s resources.

Catherine Radbourne – Subject Librarian for Nursing and Midwifery. Catherine has worked at City since 2009, first at Whitechapel then at West Smithfield before moving to the main campus at Northampton Square. She enjoys helping students and staff to find the information or items they are looking for and teaching them how to use the library’s resources. Her favourite part of the Library is the purple chairs by the entrance – comfort and a view of the Square.

Endang Scanlon – Subject Librarian for Radiography and Applied Biological Sciences. Endang has been a Radiography Subject Librarian when the Radiography Department was located in Charterhouse Square and in the last few years has also become involved in supporting parts of the Nursing staff and students too. She finds the best thing about working at City is to be able to provide support for staff and students from different backgrounds and cultural diversity. Anatomy TV is Endang’s favourite online resource.


Library Essentials

Our new Library Essentials Guide contains everything you need to get started in the Library.

Whether you’re a new or existing student, there is something there for everyone, including a series of short videos to help you make the most of our online services and resources, and a glossary to define all the words that are frequently used by Library Services.

Take our short quiz to test your library knowledge and you could win one of ten CityLibrary thermos mugs or umbrellas – good luck!

Dita with brolly and mug
Library model with exclusive umbrella and mug.

Invasion of the pod people

Did you guess what was in the huge pile of boxes on Level 3? It wasn’t, as suggested by many, an indoor tennis court for giants, although 10 out of 10 for imagination.

Instead, the library elves have been busy putting together our stylish new top-of-the-range study pods. Combining comfort and practicality, the new seating allows up to six people to study together on soft comfy chairs, complete with desk and electrical sockets.


Choose a pod with a higher or lower back for your own level of privacy.


We think they’re rather snazzy, but we’d love to know what you think. Tweet us a picture of you using the pods to @CityUniLibrary .

New books selected by you

Our More Books scheme is your chance to tell us what’s missing from the Library collections. It might be a classic text or a brand new release that will help with your dissertation.

All you have to do is complete our online form and if the book costs less than £80 we’ll buy it straight away. What’s more we’ll even reserve it for you when it comes in so you can be the first to read it. 

To get some inspiration check out the More Books titles students have ordered in the last month.

Hold Up!

You can place a book on hold when there are no copies available at all or if the only available copies are at other sites.

Once a hold is placed, a copy of the desired item will be put aside for you upon its return; or a copy will be transferred from another site for you.

This can be done by following the steps in this short video:

When a book is completely unavailable it can potentially mean a long wait, especially if lots of people have made the same request but please do not be put off by this.

By placing a hold you are alerting library staff to the fact that a book is in demand and holds statistics are used to inform our purchasing. In other words, when a book gets placed on hold a lot we may buy more copies to help satisfy demand.

Finally, when that book gets put aside for you, you’ll receive an email to let you know it’s available for collection and how long for. Additionally, its status will change in CityLibrary Search to ON HOLDSHELF. Please present your card at the Service Desk of your chosen pick up library to collect it.

And that’s all there is to it.

Holds are both a great way to help you get what you want as well as a way to help us get you more of what you want.