Northampton Square Library, Level 6

Great news!

The silent study space on Level 6 of the Northampton Square Library has now reopened, providing nearly 200 silent study spaces.

Photo of desks on Level 6 of the Northampton Square Library.
Level 6 Silent Study Area

We had to close the floor for the autumn term to allow disruptive surveying work to take place:  this was in preparation for the proposed development of Level 7.

The additional silent study space in B411C (Level 4 of the University Building) remains open Mon-Fri 08:30-18:00.


Level 6 Re-opens

Where can you find the best view at City? My vote goes for the panorama from Level 6 of the Northampton Square Library, looking over iconic London buildings such as the Gherkin, the Barbican and the Walkie Talkie.


Now we have been busy improving the view on the inside of Level 6 as well. For the past two weeks, we have been dismantling the old desks on level 6…

Level 6 desks

..and installing new ones.

new desks

By replacing the old desks with new, we’ve been able to increase the number of study spaces in the library. We’ve also fitted power sockets to more desks on Level 6, and will be completing this work later in the year.

This is all part of the summer programme of improvements that also saw the new pods popping up on Level 3, and more group study tables being added to Level 2.