Library Staff Love #8: Print Journal Collection

What’s the difference between our lovely Library and your local newsagent? At CityLibrary you can stand (or sit) and flick through all of our magazines for free for as long as you like! (Well, at least until closing time anyway)

Our Print Journal Collection on Level 5
Our Print Journal Collection on Level 5

Okay, I know I’m using the term ‘magazines’ a little loosely: whilst some of our titles do cross over into the mainstream (like BBC Music Magazine or Total Politics), most of our collection is made up of key industry journals rather than the latest issues of Grazia or the Radio Times. However, unlike your local newsagent (which I’m sure is a marvellous place) we really will let you browse and pause and flick through pages to your heart’s content without so much as a “and would you like to purchase that item?”

For one thing, our journals are for reference use meaning the best (and only) place to view them is on Levels 3, 4, 5 or 6. But view them you can! What better way to spend a spare moment or two than stumbling across a fascinating article on something you never knew you were interested in?

Fiona from our Technical Services team wanted to highlight our Print Journal Collection for this month’s Library Staff Love feature and here’s why:

“Whether it’s the latest healthcare developments in the New England Journal of Medicine or theatre news in the Stage, sometimes you just can’t beat leafing through a physical publication. The print journal collection is now on Level 5 and has got a smart new look. Why not come for a browse!”

Why not indeed? Thanks Fiona!