As part of our #TakeABreak campaign to support you through the busy and sometimes stressful exam period, we have created some book displays with resources designed to help you.

Our displays focus on three key areas to help you achieve your best results, read more about each display below.

Take a Break – Travel through time!  

When studying for long periods of time, it is essential that you look after yourself by finding some time to take a step back from your work and do something you enjoy. With this in mind, we have curated a collection of fiction books that will transport you to another time altogether!

Our list includes books set across the ages, from the fabled story of Troy in ancient Greece to the power struggles of Tudor England and beyond.

Browse and borrow from our display of print books on level 5 of Northampton Square Library. Alternatively, if you prefer e-books or audiobooks, you can borrow from our online collection of time travelling books on Libby. You may need to log-in with your City email address and password if you haven’t already.

A hand is holding a print copy of 'The Essex Serpent,' by Sarah Perry          A bookshelf with books set in different times periods. A sign links to an online collection of time travel books. The link to this collection is -               A hand holds a print copy of 'The Fortune Men,' by Nadifa Mohamed

Study Skills

Our second display for #TakeABreak contains a range of books about various study skills that are essential for the exam period.

From our collection of books you can find how to brush up on your note taking skills, ways to stop procrastinating and get things done, as well as general tips to get the most out of your studies. You’ll find a wide range of books that are sure to help you get the best grades.

If you would like more advice on study skills, check out the Academic Skills team on the Student Hub. There, you can find help with referencing, revision techniques, critical thinking and writing skills and advice on many other topics. You can also book a one to one tutorial with a member of the Academic Skills Team.

A hand is holding a print copy of 'Student procrastination - seize the day and get more work done,' by Michael Tefula                                   A bookshelf displaying print books with a poster at the top saying 'Study Skills.'                                  A hand is holding a print copy of The Exam Skills Handbook by Stella Cotrell


During busy or stressful times, it can be easy to overlook your own needs but it is vital to look after yourself and your wellbeing. We have created a display of books to promote self-care and advice on your mental and physical health. You can browse and borrow books covering topics such as how to feel better, tips for dealing with stress and how to engage with mindfulness.

If e-books or audiobooks are more your thing, you could also browse and borrow from our Wellbeing collection on Libby.

You can also have a look at our library guide for Self Help and Wellbeing, where you will find lots of useful resources and tips.

And remember, if you are feeling overwhelmed and need to talk to someone, there are so many ways to get support here at City via the Student UnionChaplaincyStudent Health & Wellbeing, and of course Library Staff.

A hand is holding a print copy of 'Mindfulness for Students,' by Stella Cottrell                                 A bookshelf displaying print books. A poster at the top says 'wellbeing.'                                      A hand is holding a print copy of 'The Science of Meditation - how to change your brain, mind and body,' by Daniel Goleman and Richard J. Davidson.

When you do take a break from your studies,  why not check out our Instagram & Twitter? You could also post with #TakeABreak to let us know how you’re getting on.

Wishing you all the best of luck! Don’t forget… Take A Break!

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