Take A Break through the Holiday and Exam Season

While studying, especially when working for exams, it is always important to stop every now and again to take a break.  There are so many ways that you can do this.  You could just get up and walk around outside, stretch your legs, have a drink or something to eat.

And, being a library, CityLibrary has much to offer in terms of resources to help.

Have a look at our Wellbeing LibGuide and Study Skills resources – there are lots of books to help you through different problems and to help you find ways to study.

Comics, graphic novels, sequential art… whatever you call them, this area of art mixed with storytelling covers many of the subjects studied at City, as well as providing a way to Take a Break when you need one.  In CityLibrary, we have comics for translation, to help with the study of subjects such as Midwifery, Psychology, Mental Health, History and Information Science – as well as comics about comics and comics selected by you through the More Books and Read for Research schemes.A wonderful further place to find comics locally is Finsbury Library on St John’s Street who have a huge collection in stock – plus, once a member, you can request comics from the other branches of Islington Libraries. Check out https://www.islington.gov.uk/libraries-arts-and-heritage/libraries/ for more information.  Let us know what you are reading through social media @cityunilibrary.

You can check out a display of graphic novels in Level 5 of the Northampton Square Library at the moment or have a look at this selection of electronic comics below (more comics, both in print and online, can be found through CityLibrary Search).

Fiction can be borrowed in person but also online through OverDrive, a platform providing access to a wide range of fiction (and non-fiction) e-books – over 2000 books have recently been added to the collection, including many classics of literature. OverDrive works in a slightly different way to our other e-book suppliers as, rather than just read books online, you can borrow items and read them on the go via an app called Libby.  Overdrive also includes a Wellbeing collection and Take a Break recommendations.

To escape books completely, you might like to check out a DVD on Level 2 at Northampton Square or access the Box of Broadcasts online, a resource that allows you to watch back programmes from Freeview TV (only available in the UK).  You might like to try this playlist that we compiled of Christmas movies.

Looking for other ways to help you take a break?  Puzzles will be available from all Library Help Desks throughout the January exam period and look out for activities related to the Student Union’s Study Well programme.

However you like to unwind, please remember to take regular breaks and remember: you will get there in the end- just make sure you look after yourself on the way.



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