#TakeABreak is back for January

Happy new year and welcome to exam season!

Okay, these next few weeks might be stressful for many of you.

With that in mind, why not #TakeABreak?

You’ll be reading, writing and revising with great intensity, which means you’ll be in need of a time-out: a distraction, something to divert your attention.

It could be going outside for some fresh air, watching a movie or taking the dog for a walk.

But, how about a puzzle or colouring-in?

London skyline colouring-in template. Text reads: "Tag @cityunilibrary to share on Instagram."

Research has shown that finding new and different ways to stimulate your brain can boost its performance, reduce stress and help to improve overall mental health.

Over the next few weeks, when you stop to grab a drink or snack, why not pick up a puzzle too? We’ll be distributing some in the Library from Monday 8th January, or you can download them in pdfs. right here, right now:

Good luck, and happy distracting.

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