The summer’s here, so there is no point in accessing the Library, right? – WRONG. It might actually be one of the best times of year to delve into everything your Library account offers as there are no pressing deadlines to stand in your way to explore everything you can access and to focus on what you feel is of most importance to you at the moment.

Here are some suggestions of topics you can explore from our Library collection:

1) Employability: did you know that the Library holds a broad selection of print and e-books to help you prepare for and navigate the job market? This can be a good time to have a look at it and to think about what direction you want to take once you have completed your degree. Have a look at some of our employability books below or use CityLibrary Search to discover more.

(If you wish to brush up on some skills, have a look at the courses on LinkedIn Learning that you can access for free using your City email address.)

2) Wellbeing: this year and a half has been very tough for many of us. Anxiety, stress, burnout and other lived experiences during this time might have shown us how important it is to take good care of our mental health. Have a look at the selection of e-books below on mindfulness, CBT, and stress management techniques, or see the contact details for support services at City, if that doesn’t help.

3) Recharging: summer is a good time to finally allow yourself to relax a bit while reading a book for pleasure. Have a look at the selection of our fiction e-books, or look on CityLibrary Search to find more.

If you’re in the UK and prefer to recharge with a film, music or a TV programme, you may also wish to have a look at our summery playlist on Book of Broadcasts.

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