International Women’s Day on the 8th of March, and Women’s History Month throughout the month, are annual events held to celebrate women’s achievements throughout history, to focus greater attention on issues to do with women’s rights and gender equality, and to discover previously neglected heritage.

Women's History Month's book display at Law Library.To mark this, we’ve created a Women’s History Month’s book display at the Law Library that you can visit (and borrow books from) throughout the month, featuring titles to do with women and the justice system, as well as some powerful fiction by female authors. If you prefer digital resources, we’ve curated a Women’s History Month collection of e-books and audiobooks on OverDrive, highlighting some exciting fiction and non-fiction about and by women. (You can access the collection on-the-go by downloading the Libby app to your device; find out all about it in our blog post about OverDrive.)

To delve further into the topic, you may wish to explore the History of Feminism database, where you can access a wide range of sources with a special focus on the period between 1776 and 1928. If you’re looking for research, a good starting point can be looking through journals related to women’s studies, women’s history, or women’s health on Browzine. As always, you’ll find a lot more on CityLibrary Search – just enter your keywords and discover more resources, including print books, e-books and journal articles.

At City, have a look at the special gallery of City’s Extraordinary Women, or explore events, like City’s English Department’s MA taster session on the dangerous history of dangerous women – Killing Curiosity: Fairytales and Feminist Retellings on the 16th of March, or Feminist research approaches: methods in practice – a seminar on the 30th of March. Find more about what’s happening at City, including a list of short videos on LinkedIn Learning, on a dedicated City International Women’s Day’s page. And if you’re looking for even more events nationwide and beyond, have a look at the International Women’s Day’s website, where you can select either a city near you, or “virtual” for events that you can attend online.

Happy Women’s History Month!

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