Read for Research Reading List

City University London Library has started Read for Research, a great new initiative where research students are able to order books pertinent to their research which will then be added to the library. ¬†As a resource for others who are researching LIS-related fan studies and participatory cultures, or who are interested in doing so, I’ll be sharing my list of RFR books here, which will be updated as and when new books come in. ¬†All these books are now available at the City University London Library at Northampton Square. ūüôā

  • Bacon-Smith, C. (1992). ¬†Enterprising women : television fandom and the creation of popular myth. ¬†Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press.
  • Barton, K. M., & Lampley, J. M., eds. (2014). Fan CULTure : essays on participatory fandom in the 21st century.¬†Jefferson, North Carolina : McFarland & Company, Inc.
  • Black, R. W. (2008).¬†Adolescents and online fan fiction. ¬†New York ; Oxford : Peter Lang.
  • Delve, J., & Anderson, D., eds. (2014).¬†Preserving complex digital objects.¬†London: Facet.
  • Delwiche, A., & Henderson J. J. (2013).¬†The participatory cultures handbook.¬†New York ; Abingdon : Routledge. ¬†NEW!
  • Devitt, A. J. (2008). ¬†Writing Genres. ¬†Carbondale : Southern Illinois University Press.
  • Duffett, M. (2013).¬†Understanding fandom : an introduction to the study of media fan culture. ¬†New York : Bloomsbury.
  • Duits, L.,¬†Zwaan, K., & Reijnders, S., eds. (2014). ¬†The¬†Ashgate¬†research companion to¬†fan cultures. ¬†Farnham, Surrey: Ashgate.
  • El Morr, C., & Maret, P., eds. (2012). ¬†Virtual community building and the information society : current and future directions.¬†Hershey, Pa. : Information Science Reference.
  • Elkington, S., Jones, I. & Lawrence, L., eds. (2006). ¬†Serious leisure : extensions and applications. ¬†Eastbourne : Leisure Studies Association.
  • Fisher, K. E.,¬†Erdelez, S., &¬†McKechnie, L. E. F., eds. (2005). ¬†Theories of information behavior. ¬†Medford, N.J. : Published¬†for¬†the American Society¬†for¬†Information Science and Technology by Information Today.
  • Harrington, C. L., & Bielby, D. D. (1995). ¬†Soap fans : pursuing pleasure and making meaning in everyday life.¬†Philadelphia, Pa. : Temple University Press.
  • Hellekson, K., & Busse, K., eds. (2014). ¬†The fan fiction studies reader. ¬†Iowa: University of Iowa Press.
  • Hills, M. (2002).¬†Fan Cultures. ¬†London : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.
  • Jamison, A. E. (2013).¬†Fic : why fanfiction is taking over the world. ¬†Dallas : Smart Pop.
  • Jenkins, H. (2013), updated 20th anniversary ed.¬†Textual poachers : television fans and participatory culture. ¬†New York : Routledge.
  • Jones, W., & Teevan, J., eds. (2007).¬†Personal information management. ¬†Seattle ; London : University of Washington Press.
  • Murray, J. H., (1998). ¬†Hamlet on the holodeck : the future of narrative in cyberspace. ¬†Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press.
  • Pearce, C., & Artemesia, (2009).¬†Communities of play: emergent cultures in multiplayer games and virtual worlds. ¬†Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press.
  • Pugh, S. (2004). ¬†The democratic genre : fan fiction in a literary context. ¬†Bridgend : Seren.
  • Ryan, M. (2001).¬†Narrative as virtual reality : immersion and interactivity in literature and electronic media. ¬†Baltimore, Md.; London: Johns Hopkins University Press.
  • Stein, L. E., & Busse, K. (2012).¬†Sherlock and transmedia fandom : essays on the BBC series. ¬†Jefferson, N.C. ; London : McFarland.
  • Zubernis, L. & Larsen, K. (2012).¬†Fandom at the crossroads : celebration, shame and fan/producer relationships.¬†Newcastle upon Tyne : Cambridge Scholars Publishing.¬†NEW!

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