Putting the Student in Modernising Administration for Students – Meeting the Sabbatical Officers

Our students are at the core of what we do, It’s reflected in the Modernising Adminstration for Students (MAfS) name and the vision that runs through our projects. It’s therefore essential that we listen and understand the needs of the student voice to ensure our projects deliver the greatest value. Key to this is the collaboration and close ties the team build with the Student Union Sabbatical Officers.

On Monday we caught up with the new Sabbatical Officers to talk shop about what MAfS projects are looking to improve, the impact our projects will have on students and the essential role the Sabbatical Officers play in making MAfS a success. It also allowed the MAfS team to touch base on the key issues the Sabbatical Officers will be focused on in the coming academic year and how these could cross over with our project work. This included issues around personalised timetables and a potential mobile app, both of which will be touched upon in the Student Communications Project.

Representing Student Voice

As you will be aware City is focused on improving progression for students and this includes work on attendance monitoring and student engagement. It’s understandably a concern for the Sabbatical Officers about what this will mean for students. Malek Arab, Vice President for Education, will shortly join the SEAM Student Engagement & Attendance Monitoring (SEAM) project board and his ability to put forward the student perspective will be vital as the board consider options for implementing attendance monitoring for the next academic year.

Malek has already been involved in the Personal Tutorial Records (PTR) Project board providing guidance to the team regarding how to promote the tool to students. Zulkaif Riaz, Vice President for Activities & Development, recently helped test the student facing functionality for the PTR e:Vision tool with Malek and their feedback was invaluable. Olesea Matcovschi, Student Union President, will also be taking over from Yusuf Ahmed, 2016/7 Student Union President, joining the Student Communications Platforms project board and continuing the representation of the students voice on the MAfS Board.

Student Unions New Space

On Tuesday we headed down to the launch of the new student union facilities and joined Staff from a range of departments and Schools on a tour. It was an insight into the tremendous amount of work the Student Union help facilitate and the engagement City students are involved in across the university and wider community.  The facilities are a great space to support that hard work and the MAfS team look forward to working with the Student Union Sabbatical Officers as they settle into their new home and throughout the academic year.


Samuel Adams

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