Student Experience Journey Mapping at the UCISA Conference

UCISA Project and Change Managers Group Conference 2019

This conference story begins on a wet and windy day in exotic Heathrow where, after taking multiple forms of public transport, Melanie and Eleanor arrive to a conference run by UCISA on  projects and change within higher education sector.  With their conference programmes in hand it looked as if the plot of this story was mapped out for the next three days but, little did they know, a major plot twist was on its way.  One of the speakers, in the carefully crafted programme, had to unexpectedly drop out.

Fortunately for the conference attendees, Melanie had previously been crowned Vice-Chair of the UCISA PCMG and, like a knight in shining armour, she jumped to the rescue by offering both hers and Eleanor’s presentation skills.  With less than 24 hours’ notice and no presentation in hand City’s MAfS representatives troubled and toiled to prepare, write and practice a session worthy of such an illustrious event.  The valiant pair crafted their story by reflecting on how they had used Student Experience Journey Mapping (SXJM) at City. Check out what they magicked up.

Just press play in Slideshow mode – close your eyes and it will be like you were actually there.


Samuel Adams

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