Exit, pursued by a bear: Sam Adams Goodbye

My exit is certainly not as memorable as Shakespeare’s most famous stage direction but hopefully it will be a little more graceful. This goodbye comes at a time when the noise around everyone is loud, the struggles that covid19 have brought, the new normal being overtaken by another normal, the feeling of flux, have all been profound.


I will therefore keep this brief and follow the example of any Business Analyst when a project reaches its conclusion, to slip away, proud of the work that has been achieved and confident of its lasting impact. I am certainly immensely proud of being part of MAfS for the last 3 years, of the amazing people I have collaborated with and the projects that I have helped deliver.


We are at a point of immense change, at times this change has gone at lightning speed, and I share in how humbled it has been seeing City take on this challenge. Change is tough. And fast change can be unsustainable. However, I am confident that when we are able to reflect, when we can take stock, we will be able to be inspired by how adaptable and resilient we really are.  I share this confidence not out of blind faith but having seen it at work delivering the MAfS programme.


I wish everyone the very best. Stay safe, stay well but most of all stay courageous.



Samuel Adams

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