Enterprise Course Planner training

The MAfS Team have been busy as of late conducting training sessions for staff from across Schools as a part of the Personalised Timetables (PerTi) Project. 

The training has been focussed on using the Enterprise Course Planner tool (ECP) which is used for student module group allocations. It covered scenarios of how to allocate students for different kinds of activities and also the core knowledge of how to work with the ECP system and save staff time when allocating using the system. 

This has been a resounding success, with Mark and Yusuf from the team having trained more than 50 staff members collectively from all five Schools at City! The training has been a valuable experience and is key to enabling staff to carry out group allocations. Positive feedback has been received for the training sessions from colleagues and more sessions are underway to ensure that all relevant course staff are equipped to deal with group allocations. 

Providing support to staff when first using ECP has been essential too and the MAfS Team has ensured that staff are supported well when using the system, with assistance from Paul Sweetman, Space Manager, who has been instrumental in setting up staff access and helping to troubleshoot issues – thank you, Paul! This has enabled the School staff to take ownership over students’ personalised timetables and has allowed for a well-suited approach to handling allocations in a time where COVID-19 has placed many challenges upon us all and our work.


Screenshot of a student's view of their personalised timetable, showing only the sessions to which they have been allocated.

An example of a student’s view of their personalised timetable. The personalised timetable shows the student’s relevant sessions, following the allocation process.

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