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MPhil-PhD transfer – Simon Odense – 30 Nov, 12noon, EM01

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MPhil-PhD transfer presentation

When: Thu, 30 Nov 2017, 12noon
Where: EM01

Who: Simon Odense, City, University of London

Title: Compact Rule Extraction from Probabilistic Neural Networks

Abstract: I will discuss new techniques for extracting M-of-N rules from restricted Boltzmann machines. I will begin by discussing rule extraction and its importance for explainable AI before describing a method for extending the extraction of conjunctive confidence rules to the more compact M-of-N rules. Comparative results between extraction algorithms will be presented and several possible experimental applications will be discussed. I will also discuss methods of assigning confidence values to extracted rules in a logical way and how to factor in compactness/interpretability in the extraction process.

All welcome!

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