Designing a Digital Dosette Box


A task at each stage of Interaction Design was for designing a digital dosette box.digitaldosettebox

Each week we had different levels of learnings for designing a successful digital dosette box at the end of the module. Each session provided us with multiple though process and understanding user satisfying dosette box to be created.

It all started with, understanding, what a digital dosette box has to offer to the users and how a user interacts with it. In a group of 4, we had a good brainstorming session to understand some of the basic requirements for the people using a dosette box. Initially, it all started with designing it from a complex level to add all the advance technologies to it and make it as smart as possible. But our further sessions on user data collection and using user data, got us to a simple dosette box considering different age groups of people using it.

A dosette box helps people to take their daily medicines in a remindful organized manner who have to take it daily for their health issues.

Considering all the requirements and features, I designed a digital dosette box. The main focus while designing the digital dosette box was good usability and positive user experience. Some of the features I tried focusing on were effectiveness, efficiency, utility, safety, learnability and memorability.


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