Ian Pace performing and lecturing at Stockhausen — A Festival of Light

Ian Pace will be performing and lecturing at Stockhausen — A Festival of Light in Birmingham on August 19-21, which precedes the world premiere of the composer’s opera Mittwoch aus Licht. On August 20th, Ian will be performing one of his own specialities, Stockhausen’s Klavierstück X, a notorious modernist classic performed in fingerless gloves. He will then join with percussionist Chris Brannick to perform Kontakte for piano, percussion and tape. The following day Ian will present a paper drawing upon his recent archival research considering Stockhausen’s early development in the 1950s and the influence of lesser-known but vital figures such as Herbert Eimert and Werner Meyer-Eppler, as well as his correspondence with Karol Goeyvaerts, Henri Pousseur and Pierre Boulez.

Further details are available at the Stockhausen — A Festival of Light webpage: http://www.stockhausenbirmingham.co.uk/